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PH Formula and Hollywood peels

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AmIAWeed Fri 03-Nov-17 14:21:48

Ok so after getting down about my birthday and getting older I wandered into our local beauty place offering botox and all sorts of weird and wonderful things to keep us looking young.
Today I had a consultation, and for now I have been talked out of botox, although she did say it was actually filler i'd need as opposed to botox....and convinced me to go down the route of healthy glow to my skin, with plumping treatments that should make my skin look better and hopefully fill out the frown line that bothers me to soften it, which costs no more than the cost of filler in just one area.
I've walked out with a home care kit called PH Formula AGE plus booked for a hollywood facial in 2 weeks time.
It isn't cheap but I figure its about time I invest in my skin before it's beyond repair and I start considering a full face lift!!
I guess im asking, has anyone else had either products/treatments and what do you think? Were you pleased with the results and anything I should be aware of/consider?

DameDoom Fri 03-Nov-17 15:12:27

A peel can be a really good place to start but you must be meticulous in skincare maintenance afterwards.
Does your place have aesthetic nurses and is the peel medical grade? In the past I have had 'The Perfect Peel' a few times and the down time was awful. My face was coming off in handfuls for a week and the pain was a shocker. The results are fab though. However, if you are having this level of peel you have to be totally committed to protecting with factor 50 etc and you can't skip it ever or all the hard work will be undone or you could end up ruining your skin permanently.
Where was your filler suggested? A tiny bit does go a long way and can really revitalise your face but I agree diligent skincare is the way forward.
Please don't feel down about getting older - it's one fight that we can never win. I'm really starting to feel more confident and with the help of the S&B crew am enjoying looking my best at the age I am now - which is 46 not 26.

AmIAWeed Fri 03-Nov-17 15:46:16

The problem I have is I am 32, and everyone is shocked when they learn how young I am! When I turned 30 and mentioned I had a big birthday coming up lots of the Mums had comments like 'oh I wish I was just turning 40 again etc' they weren't being malicious - they genuinely thought I was turning 40, my SIL in 10 years older than me yet in all pictures I look older than her and I do think my skin condition and constant frown is part of the reason. The filler I wanted was for between my eyebrows, whatever facial expression I have smiling, resting - there's two deep creases like im unhappy.
The Hollywood peel I do need to use a follow up cream to protect my skin, but it works on a carbon mask and the laser to close the pores so I shouldnt have the skin peeling like you would expect with the name Hollywood peel I dont believe the peel is medical grade.
Suncream has always been a big thing for me - there is no tanning I just go red so I live in big hats in the summer and still use a spf moisturising cream all year round

DameDoom Fri 03-Nov-17 16:10:39

Get the filler too. It will make you feel better and you will be able to move your face.
What are your hair and make-up preferences? Do you fancy a complete change or a bit of a zhush up? Do you wear blusher? Sorry about the questions.
You sound as if your are on the right track but I bet there are a lot of other things that could be quick fixes that would instantly give you a massive boost.

Really want to help you out.

AmIAWeed Fri 03-Nov-17 16:48:07

DameDoom that is so nice of you - Makeup I am awful with, I was never a girly girl and all my mates were boys so I never really learnt. I did use to have false eyelashes on, had a really expensive year so stopped but loved the fact that they were just there with little effort.

I put foundation and blusher etc on and within a couple of hours my skin feels tight and im desperate to wash it off.
Hair I have just had a bit of a revamp - I posted a couple of months ago about going really long to an inverted bob and that's made a big difference

DameDoom Fri 03-Nov-17 17:24:29

If your lashes are a bit blah, I recommend Revitalash - is expensive but lasts for ages. It does make your eyes a bit red for a week but is fine after that. Six weeks later you will see a huge amount of regrowth... and I mean huge. You then drop down to using a couple of times a week. I had one communal lash and now they are very long and thick.

It sounds like your face is eating foundation but with your peel, regular non-granular exfoliation thereafter and a good primer, that should be very easily remedied.
You need to devote a day to foundation shopping - if you go to places like Space NK and are totally honest with them, they will bend over backwards to help you out. Trial samples for a week with primer before you make a decision.

Get them to try out loads of different cream blushers on you. I was wearing the wrong ones for years and would have never ventured to the shade i wear now. Still looks wrong in the packaging but it works.

Have you got an honest friend you can help you out or someone whose style and look you admire? I am not averse to stopping women in the street to ask them questions - no one has ever been offended by a stranger asking them who does their hair or asking where they got their coat... obvs in a woman and style context grin.

I do obviously subscribe 100% to making the most of yourself and I am not a rich oligarch's wife am teacher. I think you want to too. There is such a plethora of brilliant advice on S&B,we'll have you looking and more importantly feeling great asap.

Am all over the threads at the minute as it's my last day of half-term and I should be marking books wink

AmIAWeed Fri 03-Nov-17 19:56:48

With my friends, I can't say I trust any to be 100% objective and honest. They are all trying to be nice and wouldn't have the balls to say 'actually, that doesn't work for you' The majority of my friends are older, horsey or stressed out Mums like me
I did work with a woman before who was stunning - always looked immaculate but natural at the same time. I did ask her how she does it, laughed said it was nothing then acknowledged she takes 2 hours a day to get ready :/ that's not nothing!
I'll check out the lash stuff, I did read a thread earlier about it and um and ah a little. I know back when I gotarried, was running 15+ miles a week and working out, having spray tans, hair done and eyelashes I always felt good and confident. I look back at the pics and want that feeling back...without the running, my knees are knackered!

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