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Erdem & H&M

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chewiecat Thu 02-Nov-17 09:10:38

Oops I may have gone a bit ott and bought about £2000 worth of items blush

I can return them right??

Also I guess that's just the price of ONE Erdem dress normally so I'm getting a bargain? grin

ChardonnaysPrettySister Thu 02-Nov-17 09:11:44

I can't go through.

chewiecat Thu 02-Nov-17 09:18:58

I used the app! Website doesn't work but app is fine

onemouseplace Thu 02-Nov-17 09:52:31

I've only just managed to get onto the website and the only piece I wanted has sold out in my size - so not meant to be!

Underparmummy Thu 02-Nov-17 09:52:57

You can return! I wanted the white pleated top and the black pleated dress but by the time I got on all gone.

I got some dinosaur joggers for ds and some jeans instead. Was cheaper at least!

ChardonnaysPrettySister Thu 02-Nov-17 09:58:33

I wanted to white pleated too as well, and a dress.
Never mind, I looked hem up again and the finishing on the hem of the top looked dreadful. I know it's H&M but the could have done it better for the price.

So sod it.

whatsthebestoutc0me Thu 02-Nov-17 10:18:02

What did you get, I was desperate (but not enough to wake up
early) for one of the floral hoodys. Loved the leopard coat & victorian lace blouse too.

Floisme Thu 02-Nov-17 10:18:41

I've not even tried the website. Some of it looked lovely in the preview but pretty dresses aren't really my thing these days. I'd be more tempted by that Jackie Kennedy-esq tweed suit, although the skirt is probably too short. And the tailored grey trousers and jacket and the dark blue coat with the check pattern.

Would love to hear what it's all like in real life.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Thu 02-Nov-17 10:31:42

You don't send anything back, OP, you flog it on eBay for ten times what you paid, to finance the things you keep. That's the law of H&M.

Nellyphants Thu 02-Nov-17 10:35:00

I got the Victorian lace blouse & a scarf. Everything else was sold out in 5 minutes in the Irish website! I wanted the flowery jacket

chewiecat Thu 02-Nov-17 11:32:12

I got loads!! Dresses tops jumpers scarves earrings blushI can't wait to see them! I got the boucle type suit as well

I hope they fit if not I will be so sad

Silently I just saw on eBay how much people are flogging them for shockshockshock

whatsthebestoutc0me Thu 02-Nov-17 11:34:31

what size are you? 😝

botemp Thu 02-Nov-17 11:37:10

I've just gotten back from a mammoth fitting section as I passed by the shop and it was surprisingly quiet. Ended up buying the cream pleated lace top (absolutely stunning, far exceeded my expectations of it, really only tried it on a whim, initially thought the lace stuff seemed overpriced when previewing online but the quality is really impressive. Not for the larger of chest though, no darts or anything, I just about managed at 28G and the top has a really slimming effect. Sizes in general are smaller than the norm in H&M, euro sizing is pretty much French sizing and there's no stretch in anything as far as I could see. Also got the blue mohair cable knit sweater which I would have gotten regardless of the colab as it's really well fitting on my hourglass body which is otherwise impossible in this massively oversized knits dominant season.

Debated heavily on the wool trousers, they're really well cut and 80% wool but I just didn't anticipate me wearing them much. The coats are where it's at really (unless you have the occasion for the lace dresses) the checked one had me swaying heavily as the cut on it is impeccable, especially the collar, making the oversized look very wearable even on me who is small and on the shorter side. I just didn't need another navy formal coat and the lack of pattern matching irrationally annoyed me. The men's coats are ace though. I tried the smallest size and I think that size would be good for size 6-10, made from Harris Tweed and really well cut, for the price they are really outstanding. The men's also doesn't usually sell out as quick and I've seen it end up in the sales in years previous too.

Floisme Thu 02-Nov-17 11:39:58

I'd love to hear what the boucle suit's like chewie

Floisme Thu 02-Nov-17 11:42:36

Oh I want that man's tweed coat too now 😄

chewiecat Thu 02-Nov-17 12:42:42

I bought a load of size 10 and 12s

Botemp thanks for the update! I can't wait now grin I was hoping the sizes would be normal as I'm really a 12 but can sometimes fit a 10 if I'm lucky

Flo will definitely update once I get it smile

Shopgirl1 Thu 02-Nov-17 12:43:40

I ordered a frill shirt, the white lace top and a black lace top...the app was great, did contemplate getting up at 5am, but decided against it then. Can’t wait to get my order now!

whatsthebestoutc0me Thu 02-Nov-17 12:49:42

chewie size 12 over here if you don't want to make a massive profit on ebay ;)

WhooooAmI24601 Thu 02-Nov-17 12:59:55

I managed to get the boucle jacket in a 14 (I'm a 12 but have broad shoulders and assumed the cut would be smaller as it's Erdem).

So jealous you managed to get so much OP.

silkpyjamasallday Thu 02-Nov-17 15:00:33

I used to go to all the H&M designer collaborations as a teen on opening day, wait in line from 4am, grab a huge selection of things and resell on eBay. My dad would lend me about £1000 to buy stuff and I would pay him back once I'd sold it all, and you have 28 days to return anything that doesn't sell. I made about £2k in profit on the Isabel marant collection. Sell it on eBay if you don't want any of it OP, just price slightly lower than others and you won't have any trouble selling quickly for a tidy profit.

I couldn't get there this year because I didn't want to leave dd as she is still breastfeeding. But I managed to get the embroidered hoodie online so I'm quite happy. The sizing with these collections is often smaller than standard so keep that in mind.

chewiecat Thu 02-Nov-17 16:34:48

Oh no, I bought mostly size 10 sad which I can fit into on a skinny day

I suppose I could return them or maybe sell on eBay or go on a crash diet now

I really hope I fit the boucle suit and white silk top 😍

Who are all these people who buy it at such crazy mark ups???

Loyly Thu 02-Nov-17 20:02:13

I was busy until lunch so only the socks, tights and t-shirts remained online. I got the black floral t-shirt. I wanted the white lace blouse and the blue and red frill blouse and all the scarves grin but, still, I like the t-shirt.

Floisme Thu 02-Nov-17 20:08:31

I still can't get the website to work. I'm not planning to buy - doubt there's much left anyway, I'd just like a closer look at some of it. Is everyone using the app?

botemp Thu 02-Nov-17 20:08:34

I could be biased, most things were left only in my size and they were the smallest size and that fitted quite small by H&M standards so it could just have been those were the pieces most weren't able to fit into that were left (I live in a land of giants, it's rare to actually find my size in a store). The suit jackets all seemed to be cut oversized and a skirt can be squeezed into with a pair of Spanx or two if necessary wink

If you buy in store you can only return it within two days, so not as easy as before to try and make a profit out of it without risk. Though it really depends on the colab, IM was very popular, the Balmain stuff was going for higher prices than the brand's own label (NWOT) on eBay but I picked up several Margiela pieces in the sale for next to nothing. I suspect the Erdem stuff will be popular in the UK, as it's somewhat known but outside of it there may be a lot of excess stock coming in from the stores as they pretty much seem to pull it out by the end of the day or the next to keep the myth of it selling out alive.

I don't really understand those who shell out the eBay prices either, at the end of the day it's still H&M, you're actually very likely to come across someone else in it as people are all anxious to wear it quickly to show it off in all its glory. I remember with the first colab with Karl Lagerfeld and it was right before full-on Christmas party season and I think I saw the entire collection on so many people that year, often in duplicate.

So now that this colab is over... time to play the exciting game of 'Who do we want to see next?'

I think I'd like to see Phoebe Philo, she's leaving Celine but I'd so love to see a high street take on the aesthetic she built up there.

botemp Thu 02-Nov-17 20:10:15

The website works fine for me Flo, but you basically can't click on anything already sold out for further detail. The app still has everything clickable but then it's a smaller screen.

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