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Battered & bruised

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tehmina23 Wed 01-Nov-17 21:05:18

Help! I've had a seizure resulting in a head injury (gash to the side of my head by my right eye fixed with glue & steristrips in a&e) also extensive bruising to my right eye & cheek.

What can I use that will calm the bruising down, and help heal the scar I'm going to get??

Toffeelatteplease Wed 01-Nov-17 21:28:14

I would normal say arnica cream for bruising (it literally works wonders) but you'd need to check if it can be used on faces and near eyes. It will also reduce the pain somewhat. Otherwise a cool pack intermittently on the bruising, better still a microwave heat pack put in the freezer as it gets and stays the right level of cool and moulds to the skin. As well as numbing the area a bit it reduces the blood supply to the area which reduces the swelling and hence the brushing. Ibuprofen similarly

Bio oil when you get to the scar bit of the healing process

Toffeelatteplease Wed 01-Nov-17 21:28:54

Hope you heal up quickly x

Mollypolly2610 Thu 02-Nov-17 00:03:51

So sorry for you. Try Arnica cream and what toffee says. Hope it heals quickly and is not too painful. I feel for you.

AnnaBay Thu 02-Nov-17 00:10:18

You poor thing. Hope you feel better soon.
I had a big old gash on my nose and cheek about 15 years ago. I was advised by the maxillo facial surgeon to apply chloramphenicol eye ointment to the healing wound.
There's no scarring at all except for a feint bluish stitch line on my nose when it's cold.

RubbishMantra Thu 02-Nov-17 00:10:33


Vitamin E cream is good for scarring.

tehmina23 Thu 02-Nov-17 14:38:11


LunaTheCat Thu 02-Nov-17 15:07:05

Oh you poor thing. Hope you are medically all sorted. I would use ice 20 mins every hr to bring down the swelling.
Be very keen no to yourself - lots cups tea, magazines and Netflix.
Could you do something nice like a nice manicure or massage to make you feel better about your body?

Mulberrysilk Thu 02-Nov-17 15:23:12

You can also get Arnica in tablet form.

Mulberrysilk Thu 02-Nov-17 15:25:23

HeyMicky Thu 02-Nov-17 15:31:11

Kelocote for the scar. Available from Amazon. DD had stitches to her face last year and the scar is almost invisible now - a bit expensive but worth it

trainedopossum Thu 02-Nov-17 20:00:41

Oh no, so sorry to hear that.

About six years ago my mum had a facelift (yes, slightly different sitch I know!) and her surgeon had her applying tiny amounts of antibiotic ointment (the otc kind) and vit e (out of the capsule) to her incisions alternately. She healed up beautifully, very little scarring and no visible scars at all around her eyes.

As pp advised, I'd go for arnica and ice for swelling. Make sure the ice is wrapped in a tea towel or something so it doesn't damage your skin. Happy healing!

May09Bump Thu 02-Nov-17 20:10:52

Aquaphor - from boots. We use it on recommendation from our sons laser surgeon. Has prevented scarring so far for my DS.

Sorry about the seizures - I had epilepsy when I was a teenager. It's so scary waking from one. I ripped my ear open and woke to blood everywhere - so can understand what you are going though. Take care and hope you feel better soon.

tehmina23 Fri 03-Nov-17 10:33:40

Thanks for the advice. At present one side of my face & my left eye are yellow from bruising so I can't really wear eye make up which is annoying.

I went to the nurse yesterday she said not to touch the wound until the steristrips start to fall off, then I will try rubbing it with arnica or something similar.

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