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Coat with big hood

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n0ne Wed 01-Nov-17 09:11:55

It's another coat one - sorry! I am still looking for the ideal coat to replace my knackered 10yo Noa Noa Oxford. I know I'll never find anything that hits all the marks the way it does, but the main issue is hoods. Apparently I have a massive head as all coats I try on barely cover it, and definitely don't if my hair is in its usual high pony style.

Can anyone recommend a longish coat with a large hood that stays up, that also goes in a bit at the waist? Extra bonus points for deep pockets, an interesting pattern and, the holy grail, a detachable lining. Prefer grey, olive green, taupe but not a dealbreaker.

starfleet Wed 01-Nov-17 09:16:38

Parka London may be worth a look - their coats tend to be plain colours rather than patterned but they have huge hoods!

HorlicksBunny Wed 01-Nov-17 09:18:08

I've bought 2 Whistles coats in recent years and both have massive hoods - perfect for my massive head, no other hoods seem to cover my head completely.

Both Whistles coats were parka styles so big pockets and mid length, one is water resistant and slightly waxy, with a fur trim that is removable. They do those parkas every winter season I think.

n0ne Wed 01-Nov-17 13:37:11

Thanks for the replies so far. I was kind of hoping for something other than a parka as I already have one, only the hood's not big enough confused Can't bring myself to buy another one - it seems so wasteful blush

SpotAGuillemot Wed 01-Nov-17 13:40:27

I have a couple of Topshop coats from the tall range. The arms and body of the coats are longer but also, bizarrely the hoods are much ‘taller’ too.

I’m only 5’8” and only buy tall coats as I have freakishly long arms. If you’re not too short it might be worth a shot.

n0ne Wed 01-Nov-17 14:03:20

Hmm, I'm only 5'3"... Problem is, I can't go into a shop and try anything on as I live on the continent, so internet shopping only.

Does anyone know what the hoods are like on Seasalt, Didrikson or similar coats?

BernardsBum Thu 02-Nov-17 12:30:31

I've had 3 Seasalt coats and all have had brilliant hoods - they're slightly too big if anything. Love a Seasalt coat!

snowplopgoestheguillotinedhead Thu 02-Nov-17 12:36:31

I have a Didriksons Lina which has a massive hood (can be cinched back so you can actually see). It's the warmest coat I've ever owned, has loads of pockets and can be drawn in at the waist. No detachable lining though. I love it.

fuckinguseless Thu 02-Nov-17 12:51:53

Joules Brodie. My holy grail. Massive hood, long length, detachable lining, deep pockets with poppers. Waterproof. So cozy.

n0ne Fri 03-Nov-17 12:09:33

That's it, fuckinguseless! Now to convince myself it's fine to buy another parka when I have a barely-worn one already confused

ridinghighinapril Fri 03-Nov-17 12:22:13

No holy grail of detachable lining but at this price you can get a second coat that is more lightweight. Also the hood is massive and I say this a fellow big-head!

ridinghighinapril Fri 03-Nov-17 12:23:22

P.s I have a couple of seasalt coats and the hoods barely cover my head and definitely don't if I have a pony tail/bun

fuckinguseless Fri 03-Nov-17 14:33:13

Ohhhh but @n0ne, the Brodie isn’t just any old parka! It’s my best friend. Might love it more than my DC. grin

n0ne Fri 03-Nov-17 16:22:27

That's a lovely coat, ridinghigh, I do love a duffle. But not a fan of the fur and it doesn't say you can take it off sad

ridinghighinapril Fri 03-Nov-17 22:50:43

Fur trim is drfinitely not detachable so best avoided if not your thang!

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