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Daft hair question!

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cleanandtidy Tue 31-Oct-17 22:33:37

I’m getting my hair highlighted and restyled next week.
What will they do first? Cut or the highlights? For example lm having my fringe put back etc...
It has been a long time since l went to the hairdresser grin

IDoLikeARainbow Tue 31-Oct-17 22:34:05

Colour first then cut & finish

cleanandtidy Wed 01-Nov-17 06:06:18

Thank you. If my style is vastly different from my new cut, how will they know where to place the highlights?
I particularly want it lighter round my fringe /face. I won’t have one when they start ... confusedsmile

coffeekittens Wed 01-Nov-17 06:35:38

They might do a rough dry cut first then to the legth you want, each hair dresser is different

cleanandtidy Wed 01-Nov-17 06:35:54

Thank you 😊

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