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Warm but stylish coat that is waterproof and not too £££ - please say it exists!

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brightlightsofblah Tue 31-Oct-17 20:11:13

Having been a car lover for the last 25 yrs I'm going to become car less as of next month. I'm pretending I'm looking forward to it....... but I'm not really 😬

I do the bare minimum of walking at the moment as I'm a lazy arse but I soon won't have any option! Work is only 5-10 min walk away but we live remotely and the weather can be fierce. Does anyone have suggestions for something warm, waterproof, looks good and isn't too pricy? I tend to wear a skirt and boots to work, jeans and converse otherwise. I suppose I'm hoping I will discover I enjoy the walk and so might go out at other times just for sheer hell of it so if was on the more on the casual side that's ok too.

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