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Skin and Eyebrows help pls

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bellalurgy Tue 31-Oct-17 14:34:26

I have extremely sensitive skin and blepharitis which I mostly manage to keep under control. At the moment I'm using hydromol on my face, prescribed after another flare up of rosacea and eczema at the same time. I haven't dared to try anything different recently just in case!

I've been through hundreds of pounds over the years trying to find something to even out my face tones a bit.... every time I think I've found something at last, I get a reaction! So, no eye make up, no face make up and I can't see properly to do anything with my eyebrows.

At the moment I sort of hide behind my glasses. I'm about to have my cataracts done and have been told I'll only need my glasses for reading afterwards shock Help. I've sort of toyed with the idea of getting my eyebrows professionally done so at least there's some definition somewhere on my face. What scares me is the thought of a reaction to the treatment or the creams.

Any ideas of where to go or what I should ask for? Or would it be totally unreasonable to buy a few pairs of funky fake glasses? grin

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