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Stopped Cilest = Acne Overload!! :(

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Ragnorak13 Sun 29-Oct-17 20:51:50

Hi All

This is my first time posting on Mumsnet, so please forgive me if I get things wrong!

I stopped taking cilest early September (we are now TTC). I am now 30 and was first put on the contraceptive pill at about 14 due to very agressive periods (9 weeks continued bleeding, so painful I would vomit etc). I have obviously discussed with my gp the potential menstruation issues but hadn't realised that there might be a worse side effect of the withdrawl!

I have suffered with bad skin since puberty and hitting 30 certainly didn't stop it. However, since coming of the pill my skin has got even worse! I now have these huge spots that are red and angry and so painful. They look like boils and don't really come to a head. I have tried all my usual skincare but it isn't making a difference to these new volcanoes. It is really getting me down.

Does anyone have any tips for what I could do to help control this major outbreak? I'm fair skinned, ginger and am quite sensitive. Perhaps there is something my GP might be able to give me? Or would this affect me TTC?

Please Help sad
TIA xxx

MrsMarigold Sun 29-Oct-17 20:58:21

Roaccutane if you aren't planning to get pregnant in the next few years or I actually find the over the counter Acnecide a real game changer, initially I get a bit red, but you get used to it, however I find I have to use it daily for it to work. Good luck bad skin is so miserable. Also cut diary.

Ragnorak13 Sun 12-Nov-17 17:17:04

Thanks. I will look into it and have a chat with my gp. smile

mintbiscuit Sun 12-Nov-17 17:26:03

Acnecide contains benzoyl peroxide which is good for killing bacteria but can be v drying. Azaleic acid is px only but can kill bacteria and helps with clearing pores by promoting cell turnover. Safe in pregnancy i believe. Anything else might be a no no from your doc.

Your acne sounds like cystic acne. Acne of this kind can be very difficult to treat with topical meds. Being on birth control has probably controlled your hormone levels. If I can provide any light at the end of the tunnel, as an acne sufferer my skin was a delight in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

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