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How to grow out a really short haircut?

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StillMedusa Sun 29-Oct-17 19:12:34

I'm an idiot... I did it again. Every few years I find myself pinteresting short cuts and thinking how amazing they would look on me (conveniently forgetting that I have thick hair that looks like a mushroom short)

Went travelling and a my hair was in a bob and not quite long enough to tie up, I wandered into a hair salon in Texas and let them cut it all off!
Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now back home and it looks rubbbish. And very short.
I don't even know where to start... in a few weeks I will no doubt start developing a mullet. HOW do I regrow it? It's really short sad

MikeUniformMike Sun 29-Oct-17 19:28:45

Just don't cut it for a while. A long while.
Wear a headscarf, bandanna, hat, interesting accessory then when it gets long enough head to a great hairdresser and get a growing out style,
It's probably much nicer than you think so why not try to like it for now.

GinandGingerBeer Sun 29-Oct-17 22:02:38

I’ll be your mullet buddy if you like grin
I’m at the very early stages of growing out a pixie, just went to the hairdressers yesterday to get the back cut to prevent people from shouting ‘mullet’ at me in the street.
I liked mine but I was sick of styling it every single morning and looking like something out of the muppet show when I woke up.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 29-Oct-17 22:16:21

Joining in for inspiration

I'm trying to grow mine, I had the sides and back cut in but the top layers thinned out (left longer)

My hair looks like that young lad Seb in Corrie (not a good look on a ,iddle aged woman blush )

I cannot wear scarves and head widgits though.

TitaniasCloset Sun 29-Oct-17 22:19:38

Could you buy some cheap clip in hair extensions from an Afro hair shop? There are loads where I live in London, and the extensions are cheaper than anywhere else. Make sure you get real hair though. It helps if your hair is one colour already and easily match able.

ChickaaaaannDipppaaaaassss Sun 29-Oct-17 22:22:30

Just grown out a pixie (with one side shaved) and it was graft!
I now have an even chin length bob.

Keep the back of your neck trimmed on a regular basis or you'll be recruited to a naff 80s tribute band.
Loads of conditioner every wash and invest in some head bands.
Youtube also gave me inspiration, there's loads of videos on there of people growing out very short hairstyles.

StillMedusa Sun 29-Oct-17 23:39:38

I can't wear headbands! I'm nearly 50, work in a special needs school where any headgear would be pulled off in 5 mins flat :/ Plus I'd look ridiculous.. I'm a jeans and t shirt woman. no makeup. Which is probably why a mega short cut was a REALLY bad idea. I can get some clips tho for when there is anything to clip.

Mullet buddies join me here. I'm going to take a horrid selfie to document the process (and prove that my hair WILL grow again!) The next few months are going to be grim...

BonnieF Sun 29-Oct-17 23:49:15

Men's hair products are formulated to shape & define short hair, so you could try experimenting with those.

You just have to accept that there will be an in-between stage and get through it as best you can. Winter is a good time to do this as you can wear hats. That's how Beckham grew out his buzz cut.

JoyceDivision Mon 30-Oct-17 04:25:09

I feel your pain!

I have this cut and am wantinng to grow it out. My last hair app was in August for the first 'starting to grow out' hair app, so it is still just as short, and bbecause my hairdresser is getting married I can't get an app til early Dec so I am well into Ken hair with mullet territory!!!

As a fellow jeans and plain top wearer I am resigned to looking horrendous!

CountFosco Mon 30-Oct-17 06:14:12

It will take a bit longer but keep going to the hairdresser to get it regularly reshaped as you grow it out. Basically you want it to look like a delibrate hairstyle throughout the process. And if you have thick hair it will need thinning out regularly.

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