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Crepey neck; does anything work to improve the appearance?

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BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 29-Oct-17 13:52:16

I'm sure there's been threads about this before but....any advice on products/treatments that really work to improve the appearance of a crepey neck? Mine is 'going' at the front now and I'm distressed!!

Everything else is 'going' too grin but it's my neck that's bothering me the most.

Any hints/tips gratefully received.

donajimena Sun 29-Oct-17 13:55:24

Watching with interest. I thought I was fine until my mother cheerfully pointed out it was starting to 'go' cheers mum! hmm

cleanandtidy Sun 29-Oct-17 14:01:43

I’m going to grow my hair really long and tie it in a bow - round the front!

Whatwasthequestion Sun 29-Oct-17 14:04:09

No advice I’m afraid but would love to hear if anyone has any. About 10 years ago an older friend told me “if I could give you one piece of advice that I’ve learnt from experience - moisturise your neck”. I so wish I had taken it 😐

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 29-Oct-17 14:05:50

Oh god, donajimena - that's even worse, when someone else points it out hmm. At least up until then you can tell yourself that you're probably just being overly critical of yourself and possibly, other people don't even notice....

If anyone points this out to me, I will probably punch them. Or cry.

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 29-Oct-17 14:07:57

Whatwasthequestion - I moisturise my neck till the excess cream makes the collars of my tops soggy grin. God knows what my neck would be like without all this moisture.

I wouldn't mind, but I'm a mere spring chicken of 48. It could have waited till I was 50.

whoareyoukidding Sun 29-Oct-17 14:12:44

I don't think much will make it better other than surgery. My neck is fat with a triple chin plus wrinkles sad

AND I always moisturised and did those stretching exercises. sad sad

BulletFox Sun 29-Oct-17 14:13:36

Omg I thought earlier today that mine looked like hamstrings at certain angles grin

If anything I try works I'll report back

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 29-Oct-17 14:15:02

whoareyoukidding - Now, see, I was never sure about those exercises; I heard conflicting reports. On the one hand they strengthened the underlying muscles, and on the other they stretched the skin and left it loose. It's a bloody minefield....

whoareyoukidding Sun 29-Oct-17 14:21:20

I'm even a cosmetic surgeon reject! He said that the build of my neck didn't make it suitable to be surgically lifted sad

Floisme Sun 29-Oct-17 14:29:32

No products and no way am I letting anyone near my jugular with a scalpel. Smoke and mirrors are my tools: no high necklines and above all, no polo necks - they don't hide anything, they just draw the eye to the crime scene. Same with dangly earrings and scarves I'm afraid (although I do wear scarves to keep warm - I'm vain but not that vain).

And then I wear something to either draw the eye up or down. I use my specs but jewellery would work too.

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 29-Oct-17 14:34:35

whoareyoukidding - Ah well, guess you're going to age gracefully, then?? grin

But, "build of neck"? Aren't all necks built the same? That's a surprise. No doubt that'll be me when I consult a surgeon (in 20 years)...

fannythrobbing Sun 29-Oct-17 14:48:13

I once went for a little spot of Botox in my very angry looking frown lines and the dr that administered the Botox (in the north east of England) had a machine that did a treatment called Pellevé. He explained that it does some jiggerypokery (my word not his, he was the consummate professional!) that heats the underlying tissue allowing new collagen to form. I haven’t yet gone for it but would consider it when my neck goes crepey - might be worth checking it out?

BusterGonad Sun 29-Oct-17 15:50:06

Aldi have just brought out a new neck cream, I think it came out today (or maybe 26th) in their new range along with a serum with gold bits in. I'm keen to have a look but I can't be arsed to get dressed and go out today! grin

Unicorn81 Sun 29-Oct-17 16:00:40

Gatineau throat gel gets good reviews or temple spa exalt, personally havent tried though. Impressed with lots of other temple spa so think this is next on my list to try

cleanandtidy Sun 29-Oct-17 17:02:32

Doesn’t Boots have one now?
In pink? Like the perfect and protect?
Maybe l dreamt it

buggerthebotox Sun 29-Oct-17 17:44:36

I've been putting Protect and Perfect (not the neck one) on mine and i swear it looks better!

I also put foundation on it-seems to help a bit with the appearance.

I'm one of those with a crepey decolletage and a youngish face that doesn't match. grin

whoareyoukidding Sun 29-Oct-17 18:26:15

Will I heck as like grow old gracefully bigbreasts smile I like the sound of that pelleve fanny and I will research forthwith.

LaughingLlama Sun 29-Oct-17 18:41:26

Well my neck is something out of a horror film. Not only have i joined the crepey neck club, i had my thyroid out 18 months ago. The faint scar in the neck crease isnt an isdue but the hollow crinked up dip on thr front of my neck looks horrific. It makes me wince whenever i catch a glimpse in the mirror.
No cream will rrsolve the issue. I now collect scarves and chunky necklaces.

donajimena Sun 29-Oct-17 18:47:36

This is the pink one. It looks orange due to dodgy flash. I only bought it this week. I'm smothering away twice daily.

Rainbowglow Sun 29-Oct-17 19:19:18

Dermaroller on my neck has made a huge difference as has using Sarah Chapman facialift with copious amounts of serums and oils. Throat gels a bit of hit and miss tbh. The Gatineau one was not for me. I do like Niod neck catalyst (great on crepey eyelids too). And laser facials.

Apileofballyhoo Sun 29-Oct-17 19:26:12

Rose hip oil and an eczema ointment are the only things that control my horrible wrinkly bit under my chin. The rest of my neck is fine, I think this bit is just genetic. Eczema ointment was an accidental discovery when I ran out of rosehip. It's Pure Potions Skin Salvation intensive moisturising ointment. It's like grease though so only put it where needed most.

cleanandtidy Sun 29-Oct-17 20:01:39

Maybe we could sudocreme our necks?

Snagz Sun 29-Oct-17 20:07:05

Watching with interest...

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 29-Oct-17 20:27:09

fannythrobbing - Have made a note of that Pelleve thingy and will check it out. I'm up for anything with radio waves and stimulating wotsits - I'd like to avoid surgery. Sounds promising - thanks smile

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