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Soap and glory

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screamativemom Sun 29-Oct-17 00:57:26

Hi all, is this good stuff? Never used before but I am thinking about getting some for my daughters Christmas. She is quite sensitive to cheap stuff so need a reasonable alternative , she is 13 x

Chimichangaz Sun 29-Oct-17 08:14:28

I love most S & G stuff but not sure how good it will be if you’re sensitive as it’s highly perfumed. Could maybe get a small travel set to try first?

Around Christmas they usually have a good deal in Boots with a huge gift set half price at £30ish.

Whisky2014 Sun 29-Oct-17 08:15:00

Packed with shite

screamativemom Sun 29-Oct-17 12:56:22

Maybe travel size is the way to go?

RubyWinterstorm Sun 29-Oct-17 13:00:53

I like it, but it is NOT a sensitive skin brand!

If you say "sensitive to cheap stuff" what does that mean? Does she get a rash from any particular ingredient? I am sensitive to certain ingredients, but they can be found in cheap and expensive stuff!

Annabelle4 Sun 29-Oct-17 13:38:11

I like it, but anything I've ever tried has a very overpowering smell.

I think it's the last week or two before Christmas when the gigantic set is half price in Boots. I still have things left from Christmas 2 years ago.

Ellybellyboo Sun 29-Oct-17 13:40:30

My DD loves it, but has terribly sensitive skin so can't use it.

Dontfuckingsaycheese Sun 29-Oct-17 13:44:01

I love it but if using in the shower I can't use it on my foof. Only stuff it has problem with. Any other stuff cheap or pricey doesn't ever worry it. I love to use it though as love the smell and a real treat.

Unicorn81 Sun 29-Oct-17 16:09:02

Some of the smells are a bit much tbh and one of the bubble baths really itched my skin (not sensitive) so id go for something else or like you say get a couple of travel sizes first

screamativemom Sun 29-Oct-17 16:20:30

Anyone tried the makeup range? Might get her that smile

dressinblack Sun 29-Oct-17 16:42:43

Their chunky eyeliner pen is brilliant ☺️

MeadowHay Sun 29-Oct-17 19:35:23

I like their makeup range, especially the 3-in-1 concealer compact, Sexy Motherpucker lipsticks and their mascaras. I have eczema and sensitive skin and have had a problem with a few of their bath products but none of their make-up. Obviously everyone is different though.

Noeuf Sun 29-Oct-17 20:26:31

It seems a bit old in its marketing? Sort of pitched at middle aged people trying to be young and cool? That’s the market I think of, people who would buy Benefit stuff maybe? I buy Benefit and tried S & G but didn’t like it and I’m in my forties.

My teen likes Body Shop, Lush, MAC, Sleek (v cheap), and Revolution - is now 18 but been consistent in this since age 12.

PNGirl Sun 29-Oct-17 20:37:41

I like their eyeshadow. But I also like Makeup Revolution eyeshadow. They do some great pallettes similar to the Urban Decay Naked pallettes.

Ladybirdbookworm Mon 30-Oct-17 00:11:43

Always gives me cystitis
Really over perfumed

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