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Please help me decide on these trousers?!

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trainedopossum Fri 27-Oct-17 16:05:31

They fit me really well but not sure if they're a bit mumsy - ?

What would you wear them with? I had thought maybe a button-down shirt and brogues would be good but anything even a tiny bit smart makes me look like I'm going to a luncheon at the golf club. So I guess it will be a trainers and t-shirt outfit, and I probably don't need another of those.

The only way to get out of a rut is to try new stuff, but the things I choose to de-rut seem to be impossible to shoehorn into my wardrobe.

And I wish I had her flat stomach, but that's a whole different issue.

Santawontbelong Fri 27-Oct-17 16:11:46

Love them!! No fashion guru but I would wear them with black flat ankle boots and a black shirt. (i am 46).

trainedopossum Fri 27-Oct-17 16:22:36

Oh, Santawontbelong weirdly that is exactly what I'm wearing with them! A black t-shirt and flat pointy studded ankle boots. But it isn't doing it for me, not sure why. It looks a bit tidy and gothy/80s.

And that thing where you wear narrow footwear and tapered trousers and it makes you look like a parsnip - ?

CountFosco Fri 27-Oct-17 17:40:01

I have a similar dilema in the SIL gave me some floral trousers she no longer wore. I like them (they are a mix of blues, purples and greens) but can't quite decide how to wear them. In the summer I wear them with a purple slogan t-shirt, navy saltwater sandals, and a denim jacket and that feels summer. But as we move into colder weather I'm not sure, mine don't look good with trainers or chelsea boots but I do like them with my purple docs. Suspect I need to try them with a navy slouchy cashmere jumper. A plan for the weekend!

FiftyShadesOfDuckEggBlue Fri 27-Oct-17 17:45:33

Love the pattern and colour!

hungryradish Fri 27-Oct-17 17:55:09

You could dress then down with converse & a jumper?

trainedopossum Sat 28-Oct-17 00:29:55

CountFosco maybe that's it, they're more summery and would be fine with (as pictured) a t and sandals but trying to make them more wintery is the problem...

FiftyShadesOfDuckEggBlue thanks! I am desperate for a decent pair of trousers, so the fact that these fit so well is making me want to find a way.

hungryradish I think that's going to be the way forward. I think trainers rather than penny loafers or brogues. Sadly I am already pretty good for sloppy clothes and was hoping these would be good for tidying myself up, but they just don't work that way.

dudsville Sat 28-Oct-17 06:31:13

I think your shoe ideas are great but yes also to the brogues and ankle boots. I don't think the model is carrying off that trouser and shoe combo.

hendricksyousay Sat 28-Oct-17 10:05:01

I’d wear them in the summer but if I had to wear them in the winter then I’d wear black ankle boots with a fitted black top and leather biker jacket . Or pointy black heels for evening . Not sure they are that great though to be honest . IMO anyway .

trainedopossum Sat 28-Oct-17 13:01:53

dudsville I agree but those effing shoes were everywhere this summer. They remind me of those slides you wear at the pool to prevent verruccas.

hendricksyousay imo they only stand dressing down, not up, unless one wants to look like a Connecticut country club matron. Not making much of an argument for them am I?

Thankyoucomeagain Sat 28-Oct-17 13:12:52

Grandma's curtains....before she bought new ones.

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