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Early 40s what are you wearing? I've lost my way

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believebelievebelieve Fri 27-Oct-17 07:29:11

Basically having a complete crisis. I hate all my clothes but don't know what I want.

Ktown Fri 27-Oct-17 07:37:40

Go to uniqlo and Cos?
I wear slim/skinny trousers and jeans with thin merino knits or loose fitting shirts
Black navy plus ankle boots
I’d say get yourself a uniform as if makes life slightly easier to look chic

Nettletheelf Fri 27-Oct-17 08:00:55

What’s your body type?

I’m 46 and I’m a tall size 12 straight up and down type. In autumn and winter I wear skinny girlfriend jeans, slim trousers (cropped or otherwise), ballet pumps, heeled ankle boots, pointy heeled shoes, over the knee boots, sleeveless tops, sweaters in plain colours that suit me, fitted shirts, fitted jackets and always, always a good coat. Pencil skirt for work when feeling ladylike.

Keep the clothes relatively plain and well cut then add a bit of colour and/or detail with shoes. I have too many pairs of French Sole ballet pumps because they come in lovely colours and finishes.

I get lots of good stuff from J Crew, Pure, the MaxMara labels (in the sale) and dear old M&S with the odd bit from Boden.

zippyswife Fri 27-Oct-17 08:09:55

40 here and probably more put together than I’ve ever been. Although that’s not saying much.

I like hush but can’t afford it so I get the idea and buy elsewhere. I look on Pinterest for inspiration.
I agree with the uniform idea.
So I have skinnies (j brand), boyfriend jeans (zara), fake leather skinnes (Tesco) and then a handful of relaxed chunky knits (tkmaxx H&M) and fine knits (mango)and plain t-shirts (gap) and then converse, supergra, Black biker boots.
I wear the above with a leather jacket (all saints) which goes with everything.

I wear simple silver jewellery.

I think I look about as I’m going to look for me and it’s all fairly low maintenance. I got my long hair chopped into a bob which I think looks more of a style too. Don’t get me wrong I don’t look great but I look ok and feel fairly sorted style wise.

SleepFreeZone Fri 27-Oct-17 08:13:21

What's you style? I've always dressed slightly alternatively and I guess that hasn't changed. I wear jeans or leggings with holes at the knees, big boots, over sized jumpers or I can go skinny jeans, high heeled boots, fitted top and smart coat.

It depends on how fat I feel usually. Never dictated by age though.

ihatethecold Fri 27-Oct-17 08:37:22

How tall are you op and what body shape do you have.
I’m small and curvy, Size 12 and live in skinny jeans and long sleeve fitted tops with a bright cardigan. Always jewel colours (cardigan) because I’m olive toned.
Or I wear jumper dresses with leggings and new balance trainers. Boots in winter.

I only buy clothes that go with other items I already have.
Love wearing a scarf to add colour.

Doobigetta Fri 27-Oct-17 08:55:32

Another vote for the "uniform". I like jeans (girlfriend in summer, skinny in winter), slim but not tight tshirt and blazer. With a variety of trainers, shoes and boots. Swap the blazer for a cardigan or hoodie to dress it down further.
I stick to a very, very limited colour palette in summer- navy, grey, pink and white. I find that really helps in keeping everything looking well put together. You can get away with stronger and brighter in winter.

believebelievebelieve Fri 27-Oct-17 09:42:18

I like the idea of uniform too. I am 5'9 size 10. I'm fine in the summer but just clueless as the weather gets colder.

BoogleMcGroogle Fri 27-Oct-17 10:56:00

The advice above is all great. I lost my way and am just getting back on track, following similar ideas.

Simple, flattering colour palette. Black, navy, grey, plum are good. But it does depend on your colouring. It's easy to work out what works though(try Pinterest)

Minimalist but good jewellery. For me, it's pearl earrings (diamond studs on a good day), a nice watch, a silver bangle, diamond necklace. Not all at once.

Choose a couple of styles that make you feel good and plan your outfits around these. Like others, I like skinnies and a loose knit. I choose knee high boots and have invested in a couple of good coats (a black belted Barbour and a Navy wool coat). I also really like above the knee dresses and have a few in different colours. These can be really good as they can be as smart or as casual as you want them to be. Dresses are a complete outfit, so as long as it looks nice, that's the job done.

Ignore fashion, wear what makes you feel good. However fashionable they got, there weren't many chic Parisians in cold-shoulder tops.

Once you get your makeup and hair sorted and everything else looks much, much better.

I like a bit of 'quirk' but fit it into a more 'chic' outfit. So, perhaps a pair of unusual tights or a necklace found on travels overseas.

CountFosco Fri 27-Oct-17 17:33:24

At that height/size you'll be able to wear most things. Look at some blogs to get ideas, I like Bum40, My Fashionable 40s, SusieSoSo, and The Fashion Lift. All pretty casual styling and a mix of high street and more expensive stuff.

mummastyle101 Wed 22-Nov-17 10:48:40

i would invest in a couple of great basics for your wardrobe. personally i think you cant beat a good well cut blazer (smartens up any outfit and means you can wear comfy knits and relaxed jeans all day smile ) - Jigsaw have some really good ones at the moment.

my other investment is always good quality shoes as highstreet wreck your feet. if you have a simple warbrobe then check our ROgue Matilda flats - they're just the right amount of practicality and fun and are super comfy smile

Squashit Wed 22-Nov-17 11:46:24

An easy way forward would be to build a capsule around some slouchy longline plain jumpers or slouchy sweater dresses and do the skinnies/jeggings thing on the bottom because then you have your pick of boots. Layer up with a longline vest for warmth and accessorise with jewellery you like.

Coat wise I think a casual parka type thing is invaluable and a smarter cocoon one too to dress your basics up or down.

I know it is a bit of a clothes cliche on here but there is a reason these things are popular.

Shoes wise I would get some trainers you like, slouchy biker boots, some ankle boots that are close fitting and a higher pair if you are inclined.

When the weather is milder slim fit jeans rolled up work well with slouchy knits.

Squashit Wed 22-Nov-17 11:55:37

I normally hate Boden stuff but occasionally you do get a gem in there. These look similar to the off duty ones I have worn to death and are versatile in that they work with jeans and trainers as well as boots or ballet pumps etc.

Squashit Wed 22-Nov-17 11:57:17

I think tan or grey/taupe boots offer more options when building a capsule wardrobe.

Squashit Wed 22-Nov-17 11:59:22

It might not be your style at all but these are the sorts of looks I like....

Squashit Wed 22-Nov-17 12:00:50


Squashit Wed 22-Nov-17 12:03:16

And this sort of thing...

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