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Boxy or Slouchy Bags?

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ReallyConvolutedCareerHistory Thu 26-Oct-17 10:52:42

Which do you prefer?

WeatherDependent Thu 26-Oct-17 11:14:18

Boxy for work, slouchy for home.

Helpful wink

JFDIplease Thu 26-Oct-17 15:45:45

Round here, boxy, "posh lady" bags with gold coloured hardware (not necessarily expensive ones, just from new look etc) are what 14-16 year old girls use as school bags. Not in posh school either. Also, super-done contouring makeup and brows. So, for me, using a slouchy bag marks me out as older - which is fine, because I am.

PNGirl Thu 26-Oct-17 15:47:28

Slouchy, always. This is about as boxy as I get:

Except for my Cambridge satchel which is obviously quite structured.

monkeywithacowface Thu 26-Oct-17 15:54:15

Slouchy for all the reasons JDFlplease said!

PNGirl Thu 26-Oct-17 15:57:23

It's weird, isn't it - I keep standing in the queue in the shops and at the cinema behind girls who look about 15 in cheap leggings, Adidas trainers, a sweatshirt, a messy bun and a little boxy ladylike Michael Kors ripoff!

JFDIplease Thu 26-Oct-17 16:00:43

I do not pretend to understand youth fashion choices! I actually really love the look you describe - think most girls do look awesone in what they put together - but am waaaay to old to pull it off without looking a bit mad.

JFDIplease Thu 26-Oct-17 16:01:15

Toooooo old; I know how to spell really

ReallyConvolutedCareerHistory Thu 26-Oct-17 21:02:38

Is this shape considered boxy?

JFDIplease Fri 27-Oct-17 05:38:18

I wouldn't say that's boxy, more... structured? I really like it

monkeywithacowface Fri 27-Oct-17 07:02:12

I like that I wouldn't call it boxy

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