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Like Lush...but cheaper??

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GymBunnieWannabe Tue 24-Oct-17 21:48:27

Is there anywhere that does little bathbombs and nice things but not at £4.50 a pop?! Am making an advent calender and my limit is £1.50 a door

leccybill Tue 24-Oct-17 21:54:11

Home Bargains had some lovely vintage looking wrapped bath bombs in this week for 59p. I got a few for stockings.

chanie44 Tue 24-Oct-17 23:02:12

The Home Bargains ones are so mild that they barely make a difference to your bath.

I’ve heard good things about Bomb Cosmetics, but haven’t tried them myself. They are on amazon etc.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 24-Oct-17 23:12:55

Wilkos do there own "fruits" range pretty cheap. The bath bombs are full size and only £1

Or the little miniature shower gels is £5 pounds but you could do 6 days for that
Whole collection

VoodooCat Wed 25-Oct-17 11:25:57

I love Bomb Cosmetics.
I think I'm one of their best customers. 😉
Their advent calendar is lovely.

Badders08 Wed 25-Oct-17 11:28:37

Try e bay
Loads of snall bath bombs and can buy in bulk

Beek84 Wed 25-Oct-17 11:33:10

Try Fresh Naturals - Google and their website should come up. Really nice stuff and packaging and fraction of price of Lush

OhShitImMeredithGrey Wed 25-Oct-17 14:27:03

Body Shop are doing bombs at the moment too. £1.50 and look nice ☺

Leicesterpiggott Wed 25-Oct-17 17:37:00

If you live in Manchester, Soapy Js in Afflecks Palace does brilliant, all natural ingredient bath bombs for a fraction of Lush prices. And you get a 50% off voucher if you make a purchase. grin

angrymummy2018 Thu 26-Oct-17 09:09:46

Why not make them yourself? Super easy and a fun thing to do with DC over half term. Here's a kit:

Baileystruffle Thu 26-Oct-17 17:30:34

Today agree with bomb cosmetics. Can get them on amazon. Currently boxes of about 5 items for under a tenner

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