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I am curious about any unusual Beauty Tips that actually WORK!!!

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Nutellalovesme Mon 23-Oct-17 22:26:33

Apparently castor oil can help with hair growth including eyebrows and lashes.

I want to try this but I sometimes find it hard to stick to a routine shock

BluebellGal Mon 23-Oct-17 23:22:10

I have a confession. I take off my eye makeup with Vaseline like my mum (and her mum before her). People think I’m weird but it’s the only way I can get my eye makeup off without rubbing.

My mum has literally no lines around her eyes and is mid 60s. She doesn’t sit in sun, drink, smoke but I am convinced her simple skin care works.

Method: dunk (clean) finger in jar of Vaseline. Rub into eyes (does not sting my eyes unlike most eye makeup removers). Get a cotton wool pad (I slightly dampen) and swipe off. It has mineral oil which is the same stuff as Eve Lom uses in their cleanser.

I also use cold cream instead of cream cleanser (such as Liz Earle).

BulletFox Mon 23-Oct-17 23:34:08

A few drops of fresh lemon for deodorant. Obviously not right after shaving!!

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Tue 24-Oct-17 00:11:21

Lanacane works well as a primer under many foundations. Cheap.

Nutellalovesme Tue 24-Oct-17 00:17:10

The fresh lemon for deodorant sounds interesting think I'll have to give that agosmile

Nutellalovesme Tue 24-Oct-17 00:22:55

Apparently rubbing the inside of a banana skin for 2mins on teeth helps to whiten them!

I like the vaseline one. I remember reading something online about Jennifer Aniston using vaseline for her eyes at night....very intriguing!

oldlaundbooth Tue 24-Oct-17 01:18:40

But are your eyes not all sticky afterwards? Mine would be, even the morning after too.

TheLastPeg Tue 24-Oct-17 01:33:00

I use Vaseline as an occlusive, to lock in serum and moisturiser overnight. It's the only thing that makes my forehead wrinkles look less deep in the morning and it's so cheap.

Pawpainting Tue 24-Oct-17 01:35:58

Apple cider vinegar gets rid of spots. Also I use it as a final rinse (diluted) on my hair once a week and it works better than any clarifying shampoo

BluebellGal Tue 24-Oct-17 18:58:22

Eyes are not sticky at all after using Vaseline to remove eye makeup. It’s all comes off with a few wipes of cotton wool and no scrubbing! It’s anazing much better than make up removers.

humanfemale Tue 24-Oct-17 19:36:02

Aspirin paste kills spots

Constantlurker Tue 24-Oct-17 19:41:44

Nivea for men after shave balm as a primer. It is amazing! Much much cheaper than a proper makeup primer and lasts absolutely ages. Makes my makeup sit really well and stay the distance. You do need to give it a few mins to settle on your skin before putting your foundation on though.

allinclusive Tue 24-Oct-17 19:43:59

Conditioner as shaving gel.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 24-Oct-17 20:00:49

White toothpaste to calm down an angry spot (but remember to remove it before you go out) blush

mommybunny Tue 24-Oct-17 20:14:17

Not surprised aspirin paste would remove a spot, the best spot remover I’ve ever used is Mr Spot by Soap and Glory and its active ingr

mommybunny Tue 24-Oct-17 20:17:15

Sorry for itchy trigger finger...

Anyway, the active ingredient in both is salicylic acid. I seem to remember clocking that that was also the case with Bazuka when we were trying to remove DS’s verruca. Maybe aspirin paste would work on that too?

And AIBU to wonder just how some of these “tips” got discovered? grin specially the Nivea aftershave for face primer...

margaritasbythesea Tue 24-Oct-17 20:18:05

I thought that one of the causes of eye bags was using thick cream too close to the eyes? I would love to be wrong. I have a huge pot of Vaseline I never use.

mommybunny Tue 24-Oct-17 20:18:34

Oh and corn flour is a good antiperspirant. I used it one summer to avoid prickly heat.

3littlebadgers Tue 24-Oct-17 20:20:02

Ooh I'm going to try the Vaseline one!

NotTheDuchessOfCambridge Tue 24-Oct-17 20:22:59

I’m loving these. I have none to add BTW but am place marking for more grin

Countduckulanose Tue 24-Oct-17 20:30:47

I think a YouTuber used her boyfriend's Nivea aftershave balm as an emergency moisturiser and noticed that her makeup stayed on all day afterwards.
The Vaseline gives my eye bags eye bags unfortunately for me! But I use a tiny amount of castor oil or coconut oil on my lashes which seems to have made them grow and look stronger

Believeitornot Tue 24-Oct-17 20:35:53

I use coconut oil to remove eye make up. Also slap it on under my eyes before bed and it softens the lines.

I used to use ambesol liquid on my eyebrows before plucking (my dcs aren’t teething any more so I don’t have any in the house!). But it numbs my skin nicely.

Sudocrem on bikini line just after shaving - it doesn’t sting and stops ingrown hairs or those horrible red bumps.

BluebellGal Tue 24-Oct-17 21:54:27

Ooh like the coconut oil/ caster tip for eyelashes- definitely going to try that.

I don’t have eye bags from using Vaseline, but I do wipe it all away. I then apply moisturiser around the face and eye area. I always saw my mum using Vaseline to remove her eye makeup so just thought that’s what everyone uses, until friends told me it was weird! Over the years I tried many make up removers but Vaseline just works better, is quicker and no vigorous rubbing required.

littlechou Tue 24-Oct-17 23:20:42

Ermmmmm can’t think of anything really unusual but going to add a pretty standard once just to disguise the fact I’m place marking. Ahem.

Cheap Conditioner as shaving balm/foam on your legs!

echt Wed 25-Oct-17 09:25:26

Alum as skin tightener. Cheap at Asian shops. If you google "Alum and vagina" you'll find some horrid but unsurprising other uses for it.

Strangely, when I went to buy this at my local friendly Melbourne Indian store, he did not suggest this use to me (mid-60s), but mentioned its purifying and pickling qualities. grin hmm

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