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Accessorize this dress for me!

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NamesNamesAndMoreNames Mon 23-Oct-17 21:37:33

I have a dress very similar to the one pictured. It's a very long, very loose fitting, black pleated maxi dress with a tie around the waist.

Ordinarily I would not wear black to a wedding but I will be 37 weeks pregnant and astonishingly this non maternity dress which I already own, fits me well and I REALLY don't want to spend money on a new maternity dress just for a few hours of wear. I am led to believe it is now socially acceptable to wear black at a wedding - though correct me if I'm wrong, please!! It's not a church wedding, and is a little bit alternative in a 'hipster' sort of way (god that word fills me with fear!)

So I like the dress but what do I wear with it? I have a statement gold necklace, which is great, but other than that, nothing

I will need something on my arms and on my feet but will not be able to wear heels! I was wondering if some kind of head wear might be a good way of adding some colour? Do I even need to add colour?

Budget is an issue, I don't have loads to spend. Maybe £50. More if I can get more wear out of it though...

SymbollocksInteractionism Mon 23-Oct-17 21:46:13

A pair of leopard print pointed flats would be nice, I have a pair from asos that are dressy but comfy.

NamesNamesAndMoreNames Mon 23-Oct-17 21:56:38

Ooooooooooo yes, that would be good! I would definitely wear them again if I bought a pair too!! Good shout.

wobblywonderwoman Mon 23-Oct-17 21:59:38

If you look on the Zara website there are lovely collars / embellishments.

I would wear a bright pashmina and matching shoes. Maybe coral or something like that. You would certainly get wear out of them again. Have you got any pasminas or could you borrow one for the day ?

NamesNamesAndMoreNames Mon 23-Oct-17 22:02:12

I have a yellow/gold one but it didn't look right with it. Coral is a good colour for me, I'd definitely get wear out of a coral pashmina again so that's a plus.

Going to the Zara website now!

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