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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

Blogs for 40 something fashion

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Notmybag Mon 23-Oct-17 12:18:14

I need inspiration! Would love some blogs to follow!

choppolata Mon 23-Oct-17 20:08:49

I like Suzanne Carillo, she has cool hair.

cheeriosatdawn Mon 23-Oct-17 20:12:02

Can't help, can bump. Unless I've missed some treasure trove of content, it seems to me that blogs on 40 something life in and of itself would be pretty cool, too!

thedevilinablackdress Mon 23-Oct-17 20:47:27

Depends what sort of style you're after. I like and

Squeee Mon 23-Oct-17 20:49:20

ImADingleDangleScarecrow Mon 23-Oct-17 21:38:30

I like myfashionable40s

Quite like thefashionlift too and Wears My Money.

Sadik Mon 23-Oct-17 21:49:19

I like fake fabulous though sadly am rather too short for most of the things she wears.
Would welcome any recommendations for similar blogs (ie quirky rather than chic/'well groomed'/'expensive' style) by petite 40+ women . . .

Notmybag Mon 23-Oct-17 22:51:36

Some great ideas here. I’ll take a look but will stick to UK blogs for ease of shopping!

Honeycake50 Tue 24-Oct-17 09:57:38

Love this one, recommended to me by people on here..

Also this one that has not been mentioned yet..

MinkowskisButterfly Tue 24-Oct-17 12:02:38

Honeycake - I was just coming on to recommend the same! Whilst I like her blog, I really enjoy her insta more though - especially her stories!

MinkowskisButterfly Tue 24-Oct-17 12:03:25

The Does My Bum Look 40 one...just for clarification!

Delatron Tue 24-Oct-17 12:18:02

Doesmybumlook40, TheFashionLift, Chloelovestoshop. I also like TheFrugality though she's not 40 but does wear cool
clothes and I like her interiors blogs too.

homebythesea Tue 24-Oct-17 12:41:45

in addition to the above:
midlifechic, myfashionable40s, SusieSoSo, Poppys Style

All very different - you will need to have a look at a few posts and see which chime with you best

Delatron Tue 24-Oct-17 14:50:03

Oh yes I like Susie So So too and she seems very lovely.

Notmybag Tue 24-Oct-17 21:34:29

Lots to look at. Are any best for just normal high street stuff?

Almahart Wed 25-Oct-17 08:55:46

Not really high street but Thatsnotmyage is my absolute favourite at the moment.

Susiesoso is great and buys from the high street but doesn't post very often

I also have a soft spot for midlifechic. I don't share her sense of style but she writes beautifully and is very warm. She also has a very professional take on the industry which I really enjoy

JuneFromBethesda Wed 25-Oct-17 17:35:26

I also have a soft spot for midlifechic. I don't share her sense of style but she writes beautifully and is very warm. She also has a very professional take on the industry which I really enjoy

I agree with this. She comes across as a genuinely nice person.

Judydreamsofhorses Wed 25-Oct-17 19:06:33

I love Wears My Money, and dip in and out of the others mentioned above. Another one I like is Smalltown Threads, although she is very petite and often focusses on that.

She’s not my cup of tea style-wise, but I too like Midlife Chic’s writing, particularly in her “midlife lately” bits. I properly dislike her banging on about rules, like we must not wear skinny jeans any more, though, and find it quite patronising.

Theonlyoneiknow Wed 25-Oct-17 19:18:53

High Street Stylist (jane_highstreet_stylist on instagram) also dress like a mum on instagram

AgathaMystery Thu 26-Oct-17 19:55:26

I love midlife chic! Also A life to style.

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