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When did you last have a bra fitting?

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donajimena Sun 22-Oct-17 17:41:45

I was ambling around a retail outlet today and noticed a shop offering a fitting service so in I go and the lovely assistant said yes I can do that for you..
I've been a 34b for as long as I can remember but M & S can never fit you in for a fitting.
So she duly gets out her tape measure mutters something about being in between sizes and trots off to get some bras to try..
She came back with a 32 DD and I thought she was off her rocker. They actually fitted. I cannot believe that I actually have norkage that has been unsupported all this time. The difference in shape is amazing.
I don't know what the point of this post is really but it just goes to show how wrong we can all get it by self selection.
I just don't know what work will think when I go in after a week off looking more Pamela Anderson than pancake Patty grin

LittleWitch Sun 22-Oct-17 17:48:10

KatharinaRosalie Sun 22-Oct-17 17:50:43

It's very lucky M&S was not able to fit you in, they probably would have told you you're a 36AA or something..

Boob or Bust is a goof Facebook site to check.

donajimena Sun 22-Oct-17 17:55:21

little I didn't see that thread.
katharina I've just read that M & S isn't held in high regard. I went to Wonderbra. They were fantastic.

CountessDraculaofGroantham Sun 22-Oct-17 17:55:34

I’ve never been measured. Just realised that... shock

fluffydogs Sun 22-Oct-17 18:01:11

Literally the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, I thought I was a 36B I too am a 32DD!! The difference a proper fitting bra makes is amazing!!!!!!

donajimena Sun 22-Oct-17 19:02:05

I know and I'm only 60 quid lighter. (I read the other thread and some were £150 but we don't have a Rigby and Peller here thankfully grin

wineandworkout Sun 22-Oct-17 19:35:50

I get measured every time I buy new bras. I go to Bravissimo.

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