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How to wear this skirt

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pattiselmabouvier Sun 22-Oct-17 11:22:03

Husband bought me this as he saw in sale and thought it was me. I love it but whatever I try it on with looks a bit weird. It’s a little below knee length, what do I wear it with? I’m a curvy 16 with an OK-ish waist.

ImADingleDangleScarecrow Sun 22-Oct-17 11:25:11

I’d wear it with a fitted black crew neck or roll neck jumper, biker jacket, black tights and black ankle boots. Black basically grin

TheScottishPlay Sun 22-Oct-17 11:26:52

I have similar and wear with plain black top (M&S do long sleeved jersey tops at the mo for around £7), opaques and knee high boots.

pattiselmabouvier Sun 22-Oct-17 12:03:55

Thank you so much for your tips!! The all black idea is the way to go!
I’ve got a long sleeve black crew neck will try that with both knee highs and ankle boots and see how that looks. Hopefully it’s not just my big butt making it look odd.

ImADingleDangleScarecrow Sun 22-Oct-17 13:08:08

I think brown boots would go with it too if you don’t mind wearing brown boots with black tights (I don’t but some people can be a bit odd about it grin)

OlennasWimple Sun 22-Oct-17 15:17:21

Have you tried pinning the hem up to see if if looks better a little bit shorter?

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