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I need a low maintenance hair do! And to ask if DIY dyeing is a good idea...

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stickaforkinme Sat 21-Oct-17 10:32:45

Currently shoulder length long bob, straight and fine. Natural hair is dark blonde/light brown. I get it highlighted every 3-5 months but I'm BORED.

A close family member is a hairdresser so she normally comes to mine to do it when i eventually get round to it but she's now on mat leave and will be busy for the foreseeable with her new baby.

I have it scraped back every day into a ponytail for work because i am up very early and have never been a hair do person due to lack of skill! and patience And im fed up seeing other people's lovely hair and mine is always crap. I wash it at night and let it dry naturally because i cant be bothered drying it!

Was thinking of going uber short but then that'll need cut more often.

I really like the look of my short bob when it's first done but i only ever styled it a handful of times over months and months and just left it otherwise or tied it back.

Coming to the highlights, I'm fed up with them and i end up just having them growing out for months until i get round to booking an appointment.

A colleague mentioned buying a box and doing it myself? I have never ever done this and it gives me the fear back to when i dyed a school friends hair orange instead of blonde shock

A fleeting thought crossed my mind the other day about a loose perm...? I love waves.

I'm looking for a look fab miracle with minimal effort! grin

Can anyone help this desperate mum of 2 who has lost her mojo and feels frumpy and unattractive??

wowfudge Sat 21-Oct-17 11:56:47

If you can't be bothered and don't do much with your hair, I really wouldn't try to do your own colour.

Why not use your usual hairdresser's mat leave as an opportunity to go and have a change with a different hairdresser. Get a recommendation from someone whose hair you think looks good. Explain what you currently do with your hair, what you would like, etc and go from there. You could also look on YouTube for videos on how to style your hair and do something different from putting it in a ponytail.

Dustbunny1900 Sat 21-Oct-17 14:26:51

Unless you really have the time, patience, inclination, and professional beauty supply store near you..don't attempt highlights or box coloring yourself. Learning to do your own hair has a steep learning curve.
Search out a new stylist and have a consult!

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