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Cheap but nice perfumes

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PorklessPie Fri 20-Oct-17 11:22:14

It's been done before (by myself) but what cheap perfumes do you all swear by?

trainedopossum Fri 20-Oct-17 13:30:08

I like Neal's Yard Frankincense. Of all my scents (all more pricey) it's the only one I get compliments on. And it was a gift from my MIL. hmm

Blackandpurple Fri 20-Oct-17 14:05:49

Love Touch. £8 for a large bottle in New Look

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 20-Oct-17 14:35:19

Versace is £20 on offer, it's lovely.

Look at Perfume Parlour, their oils are gorgeous.

Macarena1990 Fri 20-Oct-17 14:40:46

Most of the Zara ones are lovely, as are the M&S and Next ranges. All designer rip offs!

bigfatfeet Fri 20-Oct-17 15:01:49

I like SJP's Lovely, which can usually be picked up for peanuts in the Fragrance Shop and similar.

pinkmagic1 Fri 20-Oct-17 15:04:41 do fantastic and cheap perfume oils. Good copies of most of the designer stuff and I find longer lasting too.

clairethewitch70 Fri 20-Oct-17 15:05:25

Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt, around the £10 mark. M&S perfumes are nice. The Body Shop nice too.

LemonShark Fri 20-Oct-17 15:44:31

Suddenly Madame Glamour by Lidl. £3.99. Martin Lewis did a blind test between this and Chanel no 5 (it's a pretty decent dupe) and found it 'virtually indistinguishable'. I actually prefer the scent of the Lidl to the Chanel and have completely switched over as the Lidl lasts much longer on my skin throughout the day too.

There was a huge flurry around it a few years ago when people realised you can get a decent Chanel dupe for less than a fiver! I love it, it's become my signature scent and smells like it costs ten times what it does. Highly recommend for anyone, it's a lovely treat and pick me up for so little cost.

LemonShark Fri 20-Oct-17 15:47:52

Oops sorry, it's a dupe for Coco Mademoiselle. Not Chanel no 5. Either way I wouldn't waste my money on Chanel ever again now I found this! So happy.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 20-Oct-17 15:54:30

I buy from M & S I get loads of compliments

CruzRamirez Fri 20-Oct-17 16:00:25

Tommy Girl is always on offer and is my favourite of all time.

HolyShet Fri 20-Oct-17 17:10:07

Neal's Yard Geranium Oil £9.90 - amazing

phoenix1973 Fri 20-Oct-17 17:37:00

Versace woman. I love this and was pleased to get a 50ml bottle for £20 this month.

Ollivander84 Fri 20-Oct-17 17:46:10


Sweet gourmand scent for under a fiver

BillywigSting Fri 20-Oct-17 18:50:03

I second lidls one. I quite blush by new look too. They have three fragrances (i think) but the other two are a bit to sickly sweet for me

MrsMotherHen Fri 20-Oct-17 18:53:54

Am another one who uses lidl perfumes. They are great value and smell great!

GreenPolishToGo Fri 20-Oct-17 18:59:38

<waves at Ollivander>

Another fan of Hashtag I Love You here. It smells just like a posh pâtisserie to me. I also like Hashtag Rock It, which has coffee notes and reminds me a little of Black Opium. Rock It is also a fiver from The Fragrance Shop.

Badders08 Fri 20-Oct-17 19:05:13

Can't beat the next perfumes imo

And thecelizaneth Taylor fragrances on Amazon....100mls for £10!

abbsisspartacus Fri 20-Oct-17 19:07:10

Paradise from new look

FaithEverPresent Fri 20-Oct-17 19:10:01

My sister bought Suddenly from Lidl, I laughed at her but another day I said ‘Ohh you smell nice’ and that’s what she was wearing!

I still wear CK One. It’s pretty cheap these days, I’ve just never found another perfume that suits me as well as that one.

chapthedoor Fri 20-Oct-17 19:40:39

Al Rehab perfume oils from Amazon. They're about £2 each and last really well. My favourites are Nebraska and Bakhoor

Candlelight234 Fri 20-Oct-17 20:15:43

Recently bought Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden after a recommendation on here. It's lovely about about £15 for 100ml

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Fri 20-Oct-17 20:18:43

Nude at Next is like Coco Mademoiselle x

OhWhatToChoose Fri 20-Oct-17 20:21:50

M by Mariah Carey is about £20 for 100ml on Amazon - the one in the purple bottle, I get more compliments for that than any of my Jo Malone perfumes.

If you like something sweeter but not sickly then Sexy Graffiti by Escada is about £25 for 100ml again really nice softer scent but lasts all day.

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