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Dry rough red patches on face - help !

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thedayismine Thu 19-Oct-17 18:10:22

Not 100% sure beauty is the place for my skin at the moment - but hoping some skin experts may have some ideas!
My skin is generally behaving quite oddly .. I have been to the GP with rough dry chapped skin around my mouth And although that's healing up a bit now I have also started getting patches of very dry red and rough skin on my face and neck. GP said it could be hormone ( I am 45 ) or thyroid related and is going to do a blood test in two weeks but meanwhile it's really getting me down as it's dry and itchy and I just don't feel like me sad
Has anyone had anything like this or more importantly what can I do ?
Wary of slapping products on but need to try something !

Brassica Thu 19-Oct-17 18:49:35

I had a very similar problem just this week - am on roaccutane and it has dried my skin out a lot and made it very reactive, rough, red and itchy. I bought La Roche Posay cicaplast baume and it is calming it all down beautifully. So far would highly recommend.

thedayismine Thu 19-Oct-17 19:20:33

Thanks Brassica - will have a look . Never had anything like it before . My mouth has been terrible so goodness knows what it is .

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