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Misguided sizing??

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Hazysummerevenings Wed 18-Oct-17 09:46:46

Has anyone ever bought from Misguided? If so what is their sizing like? I am a 6-8 but often I find 8’s can be too baggy. Are they generous in terms of sizing or true to size?

bellsandwhistles89 Wed 18-Oct-17 10:34:42

I am a size 8/10 and have just bought a skirt, the 8 was too tight and 10 little bit baggy but not terribly so. I would say the sizing is more true to size but that is just from my experience - check their size guides and if you are thinking or ordering petite sizing then keep in mind items that are in the petite range are 2 inches shorter in length than items in the regular range.

LemonysSnicket Wed 18-Oct-17 11:53:26

I find they’re true to size for under 30yos ( shaping changes ) and as a size 8 I am always a size 8.

LemonysSnicket Wed 18-Oct-17 11:54:06

They go down to a 4 if you need it though

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