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Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights perfume

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Lottapianos Wed 18-Oct-17 08:22:28

There is a poster on here who raves about this perfume - I'm afraid I can't remember their name. After reading their description of this perfume, I ordered a 5ml tester from eBay

It's lovely! Very unusual and my kind of scent. I'm going to order a 30ml EDP if I can find it online. So thanks for the recommendation! Always nice to find new unusual products smile

Lanaa Sat 21-Oct-17 08:04:28

I just bought it because of that poster too. It's a strange one, reminds me of damp autumnal woods but I like it. I got a 30ml from eBay.

JesusTapdancingChrist Sat 21-Oct-17 09:10:50

It's me!!!

So glad it's got a few more fans - such an unusual but interesting scent 😃.

I've been on a sample buying binge on eBay this morning. Hoping to find a new A/W favourite!

Am currently obsessed with Armani Privé Cuir Amethyste which is another very weird and divisive but at £130 a bottle is out of my price range.

Arealhumanbeing Sat 21-Oct-17 10:44:03

I bought a sample from eBay after that thread! I love it.

The thread got me googling and reminiscing though. Looking for the YSL Champagne and Moschino of my youth.

Are those very expensive bottles on eBay real or fake? I’m dying to wear them again. I know Champagne came back as Yvresse but apparently that has been discontinued too?

Bluesheep8 Sat 21-Oct-17 15:45:53

I read that thread too and it sounds right up my street from the description I've just read on line. Where can I buy it please? Which shops sell it? I NEEEED it in my life!

Lottapianos Sat 21-Oct-17 17:32:41

Thanks Jesus! I ordered 50ml from Galaxy Perfume - £20 including shipping from the States. Yay for lovely new perfume finds!

Clafoutis Sat 21-Oct-17 18:11:10

I bought a 100ml bottle over a year ago based on that poster's description! There was a perfume thread about 2yrs ago and I've recently seen her post the sane thing about it recently. I love it so much and I wear it daily, day or night. I've had admiring comments on it!

Clafoutis Sat 21-Oct-17 18:12:18

Clafoutis Sat 21-Oct-17 18:16:10

Amazon sell it

Clafoutis Sat 21-Oct-17 18:19:43

JesusTapdancingChrist Sat 21-Oct-17 19:43:58

Have found it for much cheaper here. Just checked my emails and I bought it in 2015 from for £7.95 shock. They don't have it anymore sadly.

So glad to see others enjoying it. Was expecting people to buy it then come back and tell me how hideous they thought it was 😂.

LoadsaBlusher Sat 21-Oct-17 22:28:21

Jessica Simpson used to do lovely body soufflé range , but this was well over ten years ago
They were like dessert type fragrances
I used to love them

AppleBlossomTimeNow Sun 22-Oct-17 00:06:30

I bought sample too! It is perfect autumn/winter scent & lasts for ages. smile

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