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Do I look haggard because I lost weight?

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believebelievebelieve Tue 17-Oct-17 08:13:57

I am 43 and started running about a 2 years ago which I love. Without dieting I have lost nearly 2 stone and weigh just under 10 stone and I am 5ft 10 (been that weight approximately 1 year). I am fit, eat well, drink plenty of water. I should be looking good but instead I think Iook haggard and never get complimented on my looks. Where am I going wrong. Is it my age (my 70 year old mum looks fab)? Or weight? Help.....

MinnieMinchkin Tue 17-Oct-17 09:50:17

I saw a TV programme which suggested that running does age you as the impact loosens the structures within your head that hold your face together (or something like that), although I wasn't overly convinced...

Numbers-wise (age, years of running and weight) I'm the same as you but 3 inches shorter (so, less thin). When I was thinner (after a year of BF, I was just under 9 stone) I did look gaunt, which I didn't realise until I looked at pictures of myself once the weight had gone back up by half s stone.

I am still ageing faster than I would like, but I'm careful to balance my chocolate, cake and pie intake with my running activities to keep my weight fairly constant.

Good news is, Christmas is round the corner so you have a perfect opportunity to put on half a stone...

Not sure I'm helping, am I?

FunkinEll Tue 17-Oct-17 11:30:11

I was discussing this with someone at the gym yesterday. Supposedly, you want to aim to not let body fat get below 18-20% body fat to keep your cheeks plump.

I do think that fat loss does affect the face unfortunately. Do you eat a lot of 'good' fat in your diet?

I, personally, think genetics plays a lot in it.

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