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Personal shopper/stylist

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DisneyKing573 Mon 16-Oct-17 03:18:19

Good Morning,

I am looking for a Christmas present for my wife and have come up with an idea but no idea how to do it!

A little background: My wife gave birth to our daughter last December and hasn't bought a stitch of clothing (other than work clothes) since before she was pregnant.

She hates shopping but IMO desperately needs some new clothes. The usual response when anything is said is "I need to lose weight first" or "I don't have a clue what goes together or what suits me"

What I want is for someone to either take her shopping and basically pick out a couple of outfits or be able to come to the house and go through her wardrobe giving her style tips on what suits/doesn't suit her.

Is this actually a thing and if so what do I search in Google etc to find this person grin

The way I have worded this probably isn't the greatest but my wife totally agrees that this needs to happen, I'm just trying to make it so.

FinallyHere Mon 16-Oct-17 03:33:59

This is absolutely a 'thing', something i have looked for myself. After a couple of false starts, I was recommended Kerrie and have found her really very helpful indeed:-

Dancinggoat Mon 16-Oct-17 06:15:30

You can book a personal shopper at department stores. You give them a budget and they select clothes they think will suit you.

KnockMeDown Mon 16-Oct-17 06:17:31

Debenhams do a great personal shopper service.

Triangularsquare Mon 16-Oct-17 06:24:41

If you're in London the Oxford Circus Topshop do this. Also Selfridge's and John Lewis. They're really good, you end up buying stuff you would never have picked up off the rack on your own but that somehow works

FuckYouDailyMail Mon 16-Oct-17 06:38:58

I'd recommend the Debenhams service too if you are looking for a gentle introduction to personal shopping for your wife. I found them to be nicely laid back with no hard sell.

DisneyKing573 Mon 16-Oct-17 07:09:35

Thanks for all the rapid replies. I’ll have a look at the suggestions today and get something sorted.

Thanks again

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