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Help!! Matt/gloss make up

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NameWithChange Sun 15-Oct-17 21:25:41

Hi, I've been using Benefit foundation/powder for ages which I love and highlighting a bit with a bronzer.

I'm worried now I'm in my 40s it might look a bit 'dead' for want of a better word.

I saw someone yesterday with lovely glowing skin, quite heavily made up but glossy rather than matt if that makes sense? How can I achieve that? What sort of products? Would I have to use some kind of cream blusher to give me a bit of colour on my cheekbones.

Sorry, I have no clue and don't know where to ask! It feels like if I walk in the department store and ask I will have to go to one particular counter and that might not be the best to chose.

Thanks in advance. Tell me your secrets glowing ladies!!

NameWithChange Mon 16-Oct-17 21:09:21


MinnieF1 Mon 16-Oct-17 21:22:10

You will need a foundation with a glowy finish rather than a matte finish. I like Bobbi Brown skin finish foundation or Mac Studio Waterweight but there are lots of options. You can always ask counters for a sample to try at home. I know lots of people like Armani luminous silk but I haven't tried this myself. Chanel vitalumiére Aqua is also apparently nice, but again ive not tried it myself. No7 superlight foundation is also a lovely dewy finish and light-medium coverage. I find is buildable. There are lots of options and it depends on what coverage you like!

I also like Mac strobe cream to mix in with foundations or use as a primer to add more glow. Liquid highlighters can also help but are not usually a natural finish. I really like the hourglass powders too. They are pricey but help to set my make up without making me look matte.

Gosh do some nice liquid blushers and max factor cream blushers are nice too.

NameWithChange Mon 16-Oct-17 22:59:55

Thank you.

I don't know how to get the effect that I do with my bronzer - generally brush a bit all about and bit more on cheekbones. Do I do similar with cream blushers then? (Sorry, feel like a total novice in this area).

Ducknose Tue 17-Oct-17 11:27:46

You could try a new routine but first, stick to exactly what you're doing but spritz to finish with a can of water spray (e.g. avène or Evian one), or even better the Mac fix+ spray.
It will bring to life a dry or powdery face and leave it glowing

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 17-Oct-17 11:37:10

I'm not a make up expert but I find it best to put a bit of bronzer under cheekbones, rather than on them!

A creamy blusher on the apples of your cheeks (sparingly).

I've also started using something called an illuminating highlighter, just dab a bit on the top of cheekbones, brow bones or you can mix a couple of drops with your usual foundation.

MinnieF1 Tue 17-Oct-17 11:51:29

I use bronzer under my cheekbones and around my temple. I then use a blusher as well on my cheeks. I don't use it on the apples of my cheeks because I have a round face, so I place it just above the bronzer

NameWithChange Tue 17-Oct-17 20:39:33

Oh, thanks Ducknose, a quick new try!

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