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To perm or not to perm?

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Piratesandpants Sun 15-Oct-17 12:17:57

I have long, thick hair (just below my shoulders) and very few, long layers for a bit of shape. I'm desperate for a change but shorter hairstyles are very time consuming because my hair is so thick. Quite fancy curls - big, loose curls/waves. Has anyone done this recently? (I'm old enough to be haunted by poodle perms many years ago which is a look I have no intention of replicating).

Ewanwhosearmy Sun 15-Oct-17 12:37:24

My hair is permed. Quite a few people have expressed surprise on finding out and assumed the curl is natural. It's a big curl/ wave rather than the poodle style.

Piratesandpants Sun 15-Oct-17 12:52:03

Excellent - that's just what I want to hear smile Not a terrible idea then...

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