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Is my tooth hygiene good enough?

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Dowser Sat 14-Oct-17 23:33:24

Following on from losing a front tooth and now having to wear a false one, I'm really trying to not get another one.
So twice a day I remove the false tooth and put it in a cup of water with hydrogen peroxide.
Then I clean my teeth as normal and rinse with
Salt water
Dilute peroxide
Clean again

Then I take an interdental brush and poke it in my teeth.
Rinse again

Then I apply the fixative, put my tooth back in again and rinse again.

Just wondered if I'm missing anything.
It's amazing after giving my teeth a good clean just how much extra gunk the brush gets out..especially with nuts.

Orangebird69 Sat 14-Oct-17 23:40:33

Sounds thorough, but I cannot recommend a waterpik flosser highly enough.

3luckystars Sun 15-Oct-17 01:26:23

What is a water pick flosser?

Piccolino2 Sun 15-Oct-17 06:58:50

Please don't use hydrogen peroxide for your denture. It can bleach it over time. Brush it with a soft toothbrush and soapy water twice a day.

Also no need to be rinsing with peroxide unless you have been advised to do so. You would be far better to brush thoroughly, spit not rinse the toothpaste to retain some fluoride and use your interdental cleaning aids.

No one here will be able to tell you if what your doing is enough because no one knows your mouth. If you have gum disease then you might need quite a complicated tooth cleaning regime with different sized interdental brushes and other small toothbrushes in addition to your normal toothbrushing. If you have seen or can see a dental hygienist best to ask them and they can advise.

CantChoose Sun 15-Oct-17 07:13:33

I’m not sure the peroxide or salt rinses will be doing you much good.
Given your situation I’d book three-monthly dental hygiene appointments at a dentist with a good reputation then just follow their advice for care in between.

Melony6 Sun 15-Oct-17 07:13:54

What's wrong with toothpaste. Imv the toothpaste frothes up so it can carry any debris away when you spit it out.

Orangebird69 Sun 15-Oct-17 09:42:03

Melony, nope, not good enough. Some debris between your teeth will not shift with brushing alone.

luckystars, one of these. They're awesome. Even after using interdental brushes, this still manages to seek out and remove more debris.

3luckystars Sun 15-Oct-17 10:15:37

Amazing!! I’m going to ask for one for Christmas!!
Thank you.

MrsJoker Sun 15-Oct-17 10:51:38

This is my pet subject so apologies for the essay - I'm a dental hygienist.
Its hard to tell without looking if your routine is adequate. I would advise you ask your dentists advice, and even better book in with a dental hygienist for oral hygiene advice and assessment of your gum health/ corrective treatment if necessary. Remember that dental disease cannot be cured, but it can be controlled if you look after your dental health, and what you do at home is the most important thing.
For most people in your situation, I would advise twice daily brushing for two minutes or above (with the denture removed of course), concentrating at the area between the gum and the tooth. Try to be methodical and cover all areas. Spit (not rinse) to keep some the remnants of the fluoride toothpaste in the mouth. I personally advise a rechargeable Braun Oral B toothbrush with a round all bristle head, look for one which is numbered 2000 or above - this is a good time of year to pick them up quite cheaply. As long as you get above the 2000 don't worry about spending a fortune. If you are sticking to a manual toothbrush look for one with a small, flat trimmed, all bristle head.
Use interdental cleaning aids daily - the largest which will fit into each individual gap. This may be floss, floss picks, interdental brushes of varying sizes and types, interspace or single tufted brushes.
I also advise gentle tongue cleaning, using a soft baby brush from back to front i.e. in one direction only
For the care of the denture, I advise cleaning twice daily using a denture brush or normal toothbrush (but not the same one as you use on your teeth). Normal hand soap or a special denture cleaning paste is fine, but don't use regular toothpaste. Remove the denture at night and after cleaning, pop it into a bowl of water while sleeping.
I usually only advise a water pik/airflosser in certain individual circumstances - while they can be useful for good debris, dental plaque is very sticky and tenacious. The only way to remove it is by physically brushing it away.
I personally wouldn't bother with all the peroxide, or mouthrinses etc unless advised to by your dental professional.
Also ensure your general health is a good as it can be - if you smoke or use nicotine replacement, stopping this will help your gum health. Eat a varied and balanced diet and try to snack between mealtimes.
I hope this helps! You sound very motivated and that's the most important thing. I just want to make sure all your efforts reap benefits.

MrsJoker Sun 15-Oct-17 10:54:30

I meant not to snack between mealtimes! I should read what I write before posting😊

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