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Where do we stand with jack wills?

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Queenofthedrivensnow Thu 12-Oct-17 20:04:36

There's a new store here. I have seen a kind of tweed mini in there I like. It's full price £59 but they have 25% off everything.

Questions - is it like joules abs Biden where you don't need to pay full price you just wait for codes.

Is it worth the money - looks quite preppy and classic not really that fashiony.

Is it frumpy like fat face and white stuff or is it cool?

cinderfrickingrella Thu 12-Oct-17 20:06:54

I quite like some of the Jack Wills stuff.

I feel like it is ‘younger’ than Joules and Boden.

DonkeyOaty Thu 12-Oct-17 20:07:47

You like, you buy. You no like, put it back.


blisterinthesun Thu 12-Oct-17 20:11:37

Why is it that AIBU-esque cuntery seems to be spilling over into S&B recently? Take your shitty attitude elsewhere, donkey.

OP, TBH Jack Wills hasn’t really appeared on my radar as I assumed (wrongly?) that it was for teens. However they have some nice bits on their website and with 25% off, go for it. Their knits look good.

Ttbb Thu 12-Oct-17 20:12:40

It's very young. It's what the Joules brigade wore when they were in high school

FindTheLightSwitchDarren Thu 12-Oct-17 20:13:11

I also assumed it was teen-wear, but the skirt sounds nice. Don't know about quality though. Have you seen it in person?

CrazyHairSister Thu 12-Oct-17 20:14:02

Jack Wills is like Hollister and Superdry round these parts and mainly for teens

allegretto Thu 12-Oct-17 20:14:45

I found a few things I liked in the shop but the quality didn't look that great.

Fionnbharr Thu 12-Oct-17 20:15:00

My DC were great fans of Jack Wills until they were about 13. Thereafter it was definitely uncool. I rather liked it.

WizardOfToss Thu 12-Oct-17 20:15:12

I miss their adult line, Aubin and Wills. Lovely lovely knitwear and men's stuff. Went down the swannee.. sad

CointreauVersial Thu 12-Oct-17 20:16:22

It's quite a young brand, but if you like something from there, buy it! I have a few Jack Wills things (including a black and white star-print shirt that I adore), and I'm 50.

ShirleyPhallus Thu 12-Oct-17 20:16:45

I love jack wills still and I'm in my early 30s (although I did wear it through uni)

They went a bit OTT with the JACK WILLS in massive letters everywhere and everything being pink and blue striped for a while but it seems they've gone a bit less obvious and got some normal stuff now. I saw a beautiful trench coat there last week.

They don't always have discounts and 25% is good.... I'd buy it smile

FurryGiraffe Thu 12-Oct-17 20:17:32

It’s variable I find. I have a navy trench from there that I bought in the sale for £75. Fantastic quality, really nicely made. Also a couple of very nicely cut tshirts but they don’t do the ones that suit me any more.

HaHaHmm Thu 12-Oct-17 20:29:14

Sizes are tiny. Be prepared to size up.

I also miss Aubin & Wills. When it disappeared they claimed that the JW line would become a bit more grown-up in order to cater for the A&W customer. I’ve not seen much evidence of that.

Queenofthedrivensnow Thu 12-Oct-17 20:35:17

Wow donkey do you need to vent about something? We have a thread for that.....

Everyone else thanks - see I knew I wasn't bu to ask

RosyPony Thu 12-Oct-17 20:43:17

Sizes are tiny.

Odd, I haven't found that at all! I've found them spot on if not slightly generous on sizing.

I've a few bits from there, currently 34 weeks pregnant and living in their leggings! I've also picked up some nice dresses, shirts and jumpers over the years.

I had a lovely cashmere jumper from JW... I washed it by accident sobs

ShirleyPhallus Thu 12-Oct-17 20:44:30

Sizes are tiny.

I don't find this, they're spot on for me

Makes sense re the grown up stuff, they've definitely taken a step up from the teens stuff and made some lovely more grown up bits

Also Donkey that was so rude and unnecessary!

PNGirl Thu 12-Oct-17 23:18:52

I bought an awesome checked shirt from their Shepton Mallet outlet at the weekend. It was a generously roomy 12 and fit me as as a 12-14.

CheeseEater Thu 12-Oct-17 23:23:02

The t shirts I've had from there are really good quality and haven't shrunk or changed shape. I also found sizing about average.

prettywhiteguitar Thu 12-Oct-17 23:23:12

I have two bikinis from there and some joggers, great quality. If you like it and it suits you get it. I am an eight and I like it, it's quite classy so even if it is for youngsters we can still get away with it !

MaryLennoxsScowl Fri 13-Oct-17 07:41:24

I might have to check it out thanks to all your comments - I thought it was all giant logos and overpriced pink and blue preppy stripes - yah wear in Edinburgh.

Queenofthedrivensnow Fri 13-Oct-17 09:31:35

Thanks folks. The mini is brown tweed with a black velvet maybe waistband I want to wear it to work. I also quite liked their cotton shirts. The skirt has no logo the shirts have that dinky embroidered one that all brands have.

Those giant logo sweatshirts were really dull I didn't get the appeal. Exactly like ivy park I don't get that either grin

WhooooAmI24601 Fri 13-Oct-17 10:27:28

I love Jack Wills coats; they often do huge reductions and they wear beautifully.

DS1 (11 but the size of a small man) wears JW mens stuff and they're pretty decent quality. Their hats and scarves are gorgeous too.

Babymamamama Fri 13-Oct-17 10:29:49

My niece liked this brand when she was about 14. Never seen anyone in my area wearing it. But if you go to Bicester village it seems moderately popular there. Is it a private school kids thing I wonder?

mogulfield Fri 13-Oct-17 10:34:08

I love their jumpers, I have a great merino wool one from JW and like their fitted shirts. I don’t subscribe too much to things being ‘young’ or ‘old’, if I see something and like it I wear it.
I find the sizes are fine too.

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