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Jeans help please

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bluebellation Thu 12-Oct-17 10:59:31

I desperately need new jeans but I really can't work out what style/fit/length I need.

I'm in my 60's, dress fairly classically but think I manage to look 'up-to-date' . 5'7", generally a size 12, hour glass (much smaller waist than hips, so trousers always a bit of a problem).

I like a high waist, and definitely not skinny jeans, as my thighs are a bit chunky. I would wear them with flat brown leather ankle boots or black suede ones with a small heel.

So, clever and stylish people - should I go straight legs? slim? mum jeans? and what length should they be? In the good old days, they had to cover your shoes (or your flares had to sweep the ground grin ) but I know that's not the look nowadays. Any recommendations of brands would be good too. Although I don't normally like M&S, I have got jeans there in the past because the waists seem to suit me, but I couldn't find anything in my local one the other day.

Konkatenate Thu 12-Oct-17 11:08:50

I gave in and bought a pair of M&S Mom jeans the other day - best fit for ages (I have big bum & thighs but relatively tiny waist) and so comfy. They are just above ankle bone length.

bluebellation Thu 12-Oct-17 11:28:57

I saw them Konkatenate but, as usual, there were no 12s. Why M&S can't get their stock ordering right I don't know - the popular sizes sell out within days of getting instore; why don't they just order more of those sizes? I'm also a bit put off Mom jeans because they look like the ones I wore years ago and it seems a bit like going backwards. I'm afraid that, at my age, it would just look as though I was still wearing jeans I'd had 30 years ago!

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