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Bra problem. Wires digging into my arm pits. Does anyone know any good 'short wire' styles?

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Laiste Thu 12-Oct-17 10:13:12

Over the years i've been through a lot of bras in the quest for lift and a bit of prettiness. I'm a 34/36GG.

I'm in a style now which gives me a great shape, lifts me, is comfy in the straps and the back - Pour moi St. tropez:

I bought one and loved it so invested in a second white one, a black and a red. Now over the last couple of weeks they've all started bloody digging right into my armpit on one side! It really hurts! I haven't put on or lost any weight. I don't think i have any growths or lumps there. Once they're off i'm fine. I've tried bending the wire out, but then it digs into my arm. I'm pissed off as i thought i'd finally found the perfect bra and chucked the rest out!

My question is this: does anyone know of any styles which are 'short' wired? I've googled and it seems to be that my body shape needs a short wired style but there's not many recomendations for actual bras.

Any thoughts?

MercuryInTransit Thu 12-Oct-17 12:59:32

I hear you @Laiste

I have high set, outward pointing, large boobs with a small back and rib cage, and every bra style seems to have a wire that permanently lives in my armpit, (even with scooping) and wide set straps which leaves me with a mark all along my armpit/shoulder as it digs in there, even though the straps aren't pulled tight.

I have a short, small rib cage, so there's no room for the massive wires, and slender shoulders, so can't wear a wide strapped balcony bra.
Plunge bras squash my boobs together so I look like I'm wearing fake buttocks from my chin down, and I find the minimiser styles make me look like ive got a huge pancake chest.

At the moment, what I do is buy a smaller cup bra that fits me on the back and extend the smaller wired cups with other old bra material by cutting the cup and sewing in the extra material so it fits holds in my H norks.

Not ideal at all, so am watching to see if any marvellous MN bra interventionists can pop around, and sort us out, with some recommendations.

I'd like a bra that uplifts and pushes my norks forward without crushing them together, and without having my armpits poked by the wires, and the material at the side of the cup leading up to the strap from digging into my shoulder muscle and leaving welts.

Here's hoping. .....

biscuit biscuit grin

MercuryInTransit Thu 12-Oct-17 13:04:22

I have that bra too @Laiste, and found it was terribly itchy, so I suppose I need one without polyamide and nylon also!

Natural materials or just plain polyester, no lace, no trimmings which touch skin. Narrow unadorned straps too.

No asking much am I grin

I think I may be designing and manufacturing my own before long...

Laiste Thu 12-Oct-17 14:44:45

<sits with mercury and rests head on shoulder>

I nodded along with your whole post! I used to always choose balcony bras because i liked the lower cup line, and they were more comfy because - now i know - of the lower wire height at the sides. However they always used to struggle a bit with the volume of boob. I had a certain way of getting them to sit right and every time i bent over i had to reshuffle them back in afterwards.

Yes, i've gone into bras and tried to alter them myself, it is very tricky. I got DH to clip the end of the wire off yesterday. I tried to bind the end and then stitch it back in pushed away from my arm pit and back towards the center. It just broke through my efforts, slid back and went back to poking me.

We sound very similar shape wise. I'm carrying a bit more weight than i should right now but still have a small rib cage and narrow back. (When i'm my correct weight i'm a only a 28/30 back but with FF cup). Yes, narrow shoulders (bags, slash neck tops and bra straps fall off at the drop of a hat). I feel for you struggling with lace itch probs. as well. That's one thing i don't get trouble with flowers

I love(d) that bloody st tropez bra sad Gave such a good shape, nothing shifts about (been gardening in it) Not too pricey and so many lovely colours as well.

I've googled some more and found a couple of recomendations for Freya being a bit shallower wire wise. So i've ordered this:

in black. We'll see.

Anyone else had this prob. and solved it?

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