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Doc Martens - How to wesr

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Margomyhero Wed 11-Oct-17 16:11:37

And am I too old? hmm

Winter dressing - generally jeans with boots (heels for very special events, flat and comfortable for walking to theocal pub). I also quite like a short skirt /dress with woolly tights.

I had DM shoes as a teen but have not worn them since. Which styles are the most useful and won't make me look ridiculously.

Oh am quite tall, size 14 with sturdy legs if that helps grin

Margomyhero Wed 11-Oct-17 16:17:10

Oh what awful spelling. So sorry.
I was too excited about the potential new DMs

SwearyBerry Wed 11-Oct-17 16:36:03

I'm 44, also size 14, but quite skinny lower legs. I wear the Chelsea boot type with the elastic on the sides - I like them with black skinny jeans or trousers, or even with a dress and thick tights in the winter (but with tights I'd normally balance out the shoe bulk with a baggyish cardigan or jacket).
I've often wondered about the lace up boots, but also fear that I might be too old and could look a bit mutton.

pieceofpurplesky Wed 11-Oct-17 16:39:36

I am 48 and wear the lace up ones. Jeans, harem type pants, baggy cardigan ... used to wear with a skirt but not so much now

Hufflepuff719 Wed 11-Oct-17 16:40:38

Doc Martens look nice with skinny jeans.

SymphonyofShadows Wed 11-Oct-17 16:45:22

I'm 53, and have around 20 pairs. I've worn them for years and have all sorts of styles. I think they look great on most people. Search for the ones made of 'softy T' leather if you don't want to have to break them in.

Margomyhero Wed 11-Oct-17 16:47:17

Thanks all.

I'll have a look at all the styles - but my heart belongs to the lace ups smile

PNGirl Wed 11-Oct-17 16:57:28

Wearing a pair of Pascal lace ups in Antique Temperley today with skinny jeans tucked in (they need to be tightish jeans around the ankle, or they balloon over the too of the boot) and a navy jumper. I also wear with jumper dress, leggings, and leather jacket.

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