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Teeth whitening

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zippyswife Wed 11-Oct-17 09:49:04

Dh has always been quite self conscious of his yellowing teeth (I personally don’t notice on him). He has wanted to get his teeth professionally whitened but due to the cost has held off. I’ve just been looking at groupon offers- but is this something that you need to go to a recommended/reputable place rather than just getting a cheapy groupon deal? It’s down to £99 from £399 (allegedly).

LexieLulu Wed 11-Oct-17 09:58:47

The crest whitening strips are meant to be the dogs b*llocks. They are sold in America but you can order them online from U.K. They cost about £50

CantChoose Wed 11-Oct-17 10:16:41

Having worked as a dental nurse and seen countless patients having expensive treatments to fix mistakes or managing ongoing pain after cheap whitening id never get mine done anywhere except a reputable dentists. I have bleaching trays and think they’re excellent - you can top up at home whenever you want.

zippyswife Wed 11-Oct-17 10:32:05

Thanks for the advice.

What are the bleaching trays? Could dh do that at home. He currently uses a home whitening kit but it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Pistachiois50pmore Wed 11-Oct-17 10:45:05

I went to a Harley Street type dentist (I was going anyway to have a crown replaced) and paid about £400 five years ago. It was noticeable, but great. A few people did ask me if I'd had my teeth whitened, although I don't think it was too Ross-from-Friends. It lasted over a year! I'd go again.

I would never go to somewhere that wasn't a reputable dentist but I think you can get it cheaper than I did these days. Can you look up the dentist that the Groupon deal is for and see if they look legit, are there reviews online?

zippyswife Wed 11-Oct-17 10:48:37

Yes good idea. They’re a Covent Garden based practice. I’ll look them up.

Silverthorn Wed 11-Oct-17 10:50:13

I've used the crest whitening strips to good effect.

ImNotShpanishImEgyptshun Wed 11-Oct-17 10:50:40

I'm about to get mine done at an NHS dentist, they'll make the trays and give me a bottle of the stuff to use at home. It's going to cost £250.

Queenofthedrivensnow Wed 11-Oct-17 10:53:59

The bleaching trays get made to measure I got mine done at a denture maker. You can then buy the peroxide to use in them from salons. It cost around £100 the first time including trays which are reusable obviously.

My teeth looked really weird after dd1 the bleach got them really white and clean now I just top it up when I can be bothered
I have a pen just now I bought from my tanning shop it's great works really well it was 14 quid!

Queenofthedrivensnow Wed 11-Oct-17 10:55:33

Queenofthedrivensnow Wed 11-Oct-17 10:55:50

This is my top up pen it's a lot cheaper now!!

CantChoose Wed 11-Oct-17 11:13:44

The bleaching trays I had were fitted by the dentist, I had a couple of sessions with stronger bleach in the surgery then they showed me how to do it at home with a more mild solution. I pop them in while I do the ironing - about once a month as DH does most of the ironing!

Tatiebee Wed 11-Oct-17 16:19:41

Sorry to hijack your post but can I ask where people buy their genuine Crest strips from? There seem to be a few fake looking sites selling them.

Lymmmummy Wed 11-Oct-17 17:07:11

I had mine done a few years ago spent over the odds just for convenience of getting it done close to home so not sure on price

My teeth where yellowish purely firm tea coffee etc dentist said are 2 options zoom which I think is one off treatment or enlighten which is where you get the bespoke trays and do it every night for a set period of time - he recommended the enlighten treatment and it did work and I was pleased with it

dressinblack Wed 11-Oct-17 17:20:58

I've had the light activating teeth whitening..if that makes any sense. It lightens your teeth to their natural colour but I want whiter than my natural tooth colour.
When looking online I can't tell which is the light treatment and which one is bleach.
(My dads friend had Simon cowell style done in Indian-I don't want Hollywood white but more this idea than a few shades lighter) What do I need?

LexieLulu Wed 11-Oct-17 17:41:26

@Tatiebee try actual American stores. This is a link to Ulta but I haven't looked to see if they do UK shipping

anotherdayanother Wed 11-Oct-17 18:02:13

I have used Crest and they were good but was contemplating proper whitening. This is going to sound like I work for them/ am an advert and I promise I'm not - no link at all and very long standing Mnetter but I have been using Oral B whitening toothpaste for a few months (4-6 maybe) and I have much whiter teeth and no longer feel the need to do anything else. Really impressed by it. Was going to post about it to see if others had the same.

Tatiebee Wed 11-Oct-17 18:28:31

Thanks @lexielulu

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