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What to buy in white stuff?

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Hatethinkingofusernames82 Tue 10-Oct-17 19:23:31

I've got £30 voucher to spend in white stuff that I've had since Christmas. Need to spend it by beginning of December but I just can't see anything I fancy.

So if you lovely lot can find me something that would be great. I'm 35, size 12.


Hatethinkingofusernames82 Tue 10-Oct-17 20:27:04

Someone must shop in white stuff?

imjessie Tue 10-Oct-17 20:30:26

I got a lovely bag from there recently . It wasn’t £30 though but you could put the money towards it . I don’t like their clothes at all😬😬

CantChoose Tue 10-Oct-17 21:27:53

I like their loungewear / sleepwear more than their day to day stuff. They do nice scarves and cosy jumpers too.

ScaryDuck Tue 10-Oct-17 21:58:46

I've been eyeing up this dress for work but not sure of sizing and can't be bothered to go to shop to try it on.

SesameSparkle Tue 10-Oct-17 22:05:35

I'd probably buy tights (forest green ones) and I've also seen they've started doing home stuff. I haven't had any luck with their clothes for ages.

Ttbb Tue 10-Oct-17 22:11:42

Can you just get a bunch of underwear/hats/scarfs etc?

Starryskiesinthesky Wed 11-Oct-17 05:58:29

You can get Pickerings Gin! I am giving them as stocking fillers / gifts to people and may keep one for myself!

That or lounge wear / PJs.

TeddyIsaHe Wed 11-Oct-17 05:59:39

Don’t get the knitwear, every jumper / cardigan I’ve had has pilled really badly and looks awful after about 3 wears.

bigbin Wed 11-Oct-17 06:09:21

The only thing I’d be buying is PJs.

Parmesanity Wed 11-Oct-17 06:16:19

The stretch denim dress is lovely. I like their unprinted fabrics and the shape of their fitted dresses is really good on me.

Quality is good, their pyjamas and bags are lovely too. Size down in dresses etc, they're quite generous.

For all those asking who shops in White Stuff, don't be so sniffy! I could say the same about Topshop or Finery or Boden...but I don't care enough what other people like to wear.

LindyHemming Wed 11-Oct-17 06:58:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sandgrown Wed 11-Oct-17 07:01:41

Just bought a reversible skirt in the sale after seeing it on MN and I love it!

BikeRunSki Wed 11-Oct-17 07:03:54

I’ve got my eye on the same dress as ScaryDuck. I used to want to buy everything in the shop; now it’s maybe one thing a season, but that thing becomes an old faithful straight away.

They have a sale in at the moment.

SillyYak Wed 11-Oct-17 07:08:44

Their slippers and PJs are lovely...

LoniceraJaponica Wed 11-Oct-17 07:09:49

"For all those asking who shops in White Stuff, don't be so sniffy! I could say the same about Topshop or Finery or Boden...but I don't care enough what other people like to wear."

Well said Parmesanity

Although I agree with Euphemia that their necklines are too big and I don't suit sludgy colors. Also their T-shirts are very thin.

I have a lovely knitted green dress that gets worn a lot (admittedly it is 3 years old now) and their old style jeggings are really comfortable and fit me well. I do like the stretch denim dress that was mentioned and will have a look next time I go in their shop.

Floisme Wed 11-Oct-17 09:47:03

To be fair, I think the 'someone must shop there' was the op when her post was greeted by a deafening silence.

I agree about their knitwear and jersey stuff - I often see it in charity shops, all bobbled to hell. But I tried one of the slouchy but fitted stretchy denim dresses last winter and I'd have bought it if they'd had my size.

And after wearing tube skirts for so long, I very nearly bored myself to death, I'm finding their A line, knee length numbers interesting again, if I can find one that isn't too jaunty. So there.

I like the look of the crushed velvet midi skirt too though I've not seen it for real so I don't know how shiny it is.

Tatapie Wed 11-Oct-17 09:50:26

I've just bought this skirt I like

CakesRUs Wed 11-Oct-17 10:05:37

If there's nothing you like, you could buy something for someone else for Christmas with it?

LoniceraJaponica Wed 11-Oct-17 13:02:44

That link doesn't work Tata

Jemimapuddleduk Wed 11-Oct-17 13:10:32

White stuff jeggings are brilliant.

Greenteandchives Wed 11-Oct-17 13:12:29

Their thick tights are the best ones I've ever bought.

Hatethinkingofusernames82 Wed 11-Oct-17 21:56:07

Thanks everyone! I ordered myself a scarf this morning. Striped with yellow pockets on it- I love it! Can't link it as I'm useless at all that stuff! Can't wait to wear it and be all snuggly warm!

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