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Winters with grey hair, has your colour palate changed

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MercuryInTransit Tue 10-Oct-17 18:23:11

Hi all,
I've idientified as a Winter in the past before I got any grey hairs, my skin is pale, but it tans lightly in summer, blue green eyes, and hair that's a bit salt and peppery throughout, with some very silvery strands at my temples.

I'm thinking my bright jewel palate which suited me so well when I used to colour my hair dark brown now looks too bright.

Has anyone any recommendations on how to tone down the jewel colours, without going for muted muddy colours and warm neutrals.

The ice pinks and blues of the winter palate look too pale, and the jewels look too saturated. Is there a middle ground without resorting to beige?

Anyone got a recommendation about which palate I should go for now...

Have I turned into a Summer by accident when I ditched they hair dye?

Paintbox Tue 10-Oct-17 18:33:35

No you haven't! You're still a winter but look to the darker colours if the bright ones are too much. There are dark versions of all the colours in your palette. Look back at the colours and you'll see. My friend is a sultry winter which are the darker colours of the palette whereas I'm
A jewel winter which is the bright ones

PickAChew Tue 10-Oct-17 18:47:14

I've gone darker and a little dustier. plum never used to look right on me but really suits me, now. Charcoal, rather than black, close to my face. I wear a lot of blue and the odd bit of bluey green/teal.

And red still works, when I'm in the mood for it.

PickAChew Tue 10-Oct-17 18:55:14

These are great colours for me. Just using seasalt as an example because they have a lot of the right palette, at the moment.

MercuryInTransit Thu 12-Oct-17 12:40:46

Thanks all, I appreciate you posting.

Funnily enough @PickAChew, my eye has been drawn to a dark damson coat... see picture, if it's uploaded, and a pale grey brocade scarf.

That teal jumper is lovely! Teal, hummm, yeah. I haven't worn teal before. I mostly go for primary jewels.
I have a navy cardigan and may look for a teal scarf.

I think I'll have to use a contrasting accent if I colour block, but avoid patterns, as my hair is already a bit busy what with the silver stripes, and it's gone a bit curly.

I see I'll have to darken my bright jewel palate and accessorise a bit more. I'm relieved I'm not a summer. Thanks for the tips @Paintbox

Almahart Thu 12-Oct-17 12:44:46

Lovely coat! Where's it from? I dint think real is a winter colour though I do like it. Navy and charcoal are your friends. A fair amount in uniqlo at the mo

MercuryInTransit Thu 12-Oct-17 13:08:22

That's HnM @Almahart, it comes in a light grey also.

Navy and charcoal are ok, I do like a bit of colour too! I'll have a look at the uniqlo, thanks.

Almahart Thu 12-Oct-17 15:37:17

Ooh thanks. Apols for typos in my post

Mamia15 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:55:33

Agree that we stay in our season as we age but our best colours do change. I used to be a jewel winter and now I am a sultry winter (bordering on burnished).

Can wear stone now but not white anymore. My double stars wow colours are black, indigo, navy, charcoal, pine green, dark emerald and burgundy but in summer I like to wear some of the jewel colours to lighten up my look.

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