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The Ordinary- how often to use certain products?

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findyourbacon Mon 09-Oct-17 21:47:00

Ok so I bought a few products from The Ordinary and despite reading all the links and reviews, I'm still a bit confused. I bought the vit c suspension with spheres and the retinol 0.5%. I've got a feeling I shouldn't use them together but how often should I be using them? Can I use them on alternate nights?

Also I tried the vit c and it seems really sticky - is this right? Do I need to rinse it off or rub it in? confused


thiskittenbarks Tue 10-Oct-17 04:58:30

Hi, they have a guide re which products can and can't be used together on their website.
I would probably alternate them anyway- retinol be harsh on skin especially if skin isn't used to it. I've got but not used the ordinary retinol products (due to being pregnant then BF since the brand was launched) so can't give specific advice re them l, but I have used retinol products for years previously- they are great and I hear great things about the ordinarys retinol formulations.
They have loads of vit c formulas with different textures so not sure which one you have but I probably wouldn't wash it off - check the website.

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