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Long skirts

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Daisy62 Mon 09-Oct-17 09:47:51

I thought long skirts were fashionable at the moment - have I got that wrong? Went shopping to try some on and could only find a few, mainly partyish styles like Coast. My winter look is usually short skirts, thick tights and ankle boots (I'm 55, size 12, with good legs) but I thought maybe I was stuck in a style rut and should try long skirts.

I liked the idea of floaty, maybe pleated - but pleated from the waist makes my hips look too big and bulky. Are there any where the pleats start lower, so there's more smoothing at the waist/tummy? I had one like this in the 1980s and it was great!

I was surprised that shops were full of short skirts - have I just missed the trend again?!

Floisme Mon 09-Oct-17 10:28:25

I don't think you're wrong. I would say the overall direction is that hemlines are dropping but the shops are taking it slowly so there's still quite a mix at the moment. Have you looked at Uniqlo as they seem to have every length going?

I know what you mean about long pleated skirts. I so like them and they so don't like me. However the Christophe Lemaire Uniqlo range comes out this week and, judging from this preview there's a pleated midi skirt where the pleats don't start till lower down the hips. (Scroll down and it's near the end.) Maybe I'll see you in the crush smile

Daisy62 Mon 09-Oct-17 10:39:27

Floisme, thank you, that's so helpful. I hadn't though of Uniqlo - will get to a London one and try the skirt you suggest as that waistline looks exactly what I had in mind. I never think of Uniqlo for some reason, but they look like they'd have some quite good things for me, so will definitely give them a go.

Floisme Mon 09-Oct-17 10:53:04

Yeah I think Uniqlo are quite decent. In fact they've arguably moved into the void that M&S left behind when they took their eye off basics.

That pleated skirt is part of a range that launches on the 12th. They normally only do a limited run and some of it sells out quickly so, if you definitely want a look, it might be safer to try and order it online as soon as it opens on the 12th - unless you're going to be in London at that time? That's what I'm going to do anyway!

Daisy62 Mon 09-Oct-17 12:31:56

Good shout Floisme, I'll order online too.

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