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I need some all-round help please!

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TheLongRains Sun 08-Oct-17 17:53:16

I Marie Kondo'd my wardrobe (and life...), and am now trying to fill a few gaps, after having cleared out things that were tatty or didn't "spark joy" wink

Firstly, I need long vests. Ones that come to kind of bottom-of-bum level. I've got quite a long torso. I tried the long ones at new look, which looked great on the website, but were not quite long enough in reality. Any ideas where does longer tops?

Also trainer socks. Not sporty ones, just ones for in superga/ converse type shoes. Ones that don't slip?! I threw mine out because they sparked anger everytime I wore them and they slipped...

Some decent black leggings - though I've read the leggings threads and think I'll try the Sainsbury's luxury ones that are raved about. Good idea?

Boots - probably not a good time to buy, price-wise, so I may try to eek mine out til the Jan sales, but I'd like a replacement pair of flat/tiny heel, tan/lighter brown, mid-calf, leather boots. I get the feeling they must be pretty uncool right now, as I'm struggling to find many I like!

And finally, I need a warm coat! All I have is a raincoat, but I get cold quickly, so would like a warm alternative. Ideally slightly waterproof. I wear mostly skinny jeans in blue, grey and black, with tan boots or supergas. There's a lined parka on the pull and bear website that I quite like, though I've never actually heard of them - are they good quality? It's an £80 coat, which is fine for a good coat, but if it's not good quality I don't want to pay that.

So, I apologise for the enormous list - if you're able to help with one, or all!, Marie Kondo and I will be ever grateful smile

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