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Found something really nice and practical in M&S. Do I get a prize?

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Backingvocals Sun 08-Oct-17 17:17:35

this coat

It's in that fashionable sort of technical fabric. V waterproof. Very warm (nearly passed out in the shop trying it on). Bum covering. Has those sporty cuffs you can put a thumb through. Also side zips so it fits over bums without being huge round the waist.

Now just need winter weather.

Scabbersley Sun 08-Oct-17 17:19:34

It doesn't say it's waterproof. Otherwise it would be great.

Backingvocals Sun 08-Oct-17 17:40:56

Ooh you are right. I'm saying waterproof but I haven't tested that. I'm assuming from the fabric texture that it is but perhaps not. Tsk at my unreliable reporting.

multivac Sun 08-Oct-17 17:45:09

It's got "Stormwear™ technology"....

AuntPol Sun 08-Oct-17 17:45:55

It does say it's their stormwear fabric/finish though. So it should keep you dry in some rain, but not necessarily in a massive downpour. Good find, OP!

AuntPol Sun 08-Oct-17 17:46:21

X post with multivac !

ShirleyPhallus Sun 08-Oct-17 17:46:48

That is unbelievably ugly

You'd look like you were wearing a sleeping bag

PixieMiss Sun 08-Oct-17 17:56:08

Didn't expect to see you around these parts, Arsene Wegner grin

Backingvocals Sun 08-Oct-17 17:57:53

Ok maybe 'style and beauty' is not quite right grin. But effective and decent maybe?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 08-Oct-17 18:29:26

I saw that coat in M&S , really liked it , the zipped sides and the thumbholes.
I don't need another coat and I certainly don't need a warm coat (flushes)

Shockers Sun 08-Oct-17 18:32:43

'Really nice' is subjective.

Bombardier25966 Sun 08-Oct-17 19:01:32

It's not for me, but I could see how it might appeal if outdoor watching sports and the like.

This is a little more stylish?

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sun 08-Oct-17 19:04:23

Really nice? Nope, hideous.
Practical? I can't imagine wearing a duvet to do things is ever practical!

Aderyn17 Sun 08-Oct-17 19:32:04

I really like it OP. Looks lovely and cosy. I don't think it is ugly at all.

OlennasWimple Sun 08-Oct-17 19:35:17

Those of us who have spent many hours stood on wet, muddy touchlines would appreciate a coat like this, OP

AgentProvocateur Sun 08-Oct-17 19:35:55

I saw this in store and I'm swithering. Last winter wasn't particularly cold here (Glasgow) but previous ones have been, and I commute by public transport. I'm small and dumpy, so it's not very flattering on me. But it looks so warm.. (I have waterproof covered already)

HLBug Sun 08-Oct-17 19:48:28

Ahh swithering. Now that's a word I've not heard in a good wee while @AgentProvocateur - thanks for that smile I used to swither all the time, but now I think I just faff.

I like the coat OP, and hope it serves you well.

TattiePants Sun 08-Oct-17 20:41:39

I've got this in my basket at the minute (along with a couple of others). Just need to decide which one to go for.

Scabbersley Sun 08-Oct-17 20:43:43

I would buy one if it was waterproof. Storm wear technology is meaningless

garmsfresh Mon 09-Oct-17 14:15:32

If I had to draw a " mum coat " that would be it 😷.

Aderyn17 Mon 09-Oct-17 15:32:56

For me a mum coat would be one of those waterproof jackets from mountain warehouse with a detachable fleece!

Kitee Mon 09-Oct-17 15:34:32

The arms look really long...

DaisyBD Mon 09-Oct-17 17:09:23

nothing says 'mum coat' to me like a parka with a furry hood. ideally worn with skinny jeans and a breton top.

imjessie Mon 09-Oct-17 17:30:02

Ooh I tried this on and loved it . I do think it’s a lot of money for padding though . It’s not feather and it’s not waterproof .. shame because I really liked it .

Shockers Mon 09-Oct-17 20:15:53

My warm parka style touchline coat is from Seasalt and is still 100% waterproof after 4 years.
It's not the prettiest, but I'd still choose it over the M&S one.

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