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Lbd I can dress up or down

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keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 09:32:30

I would like to find something reasonably cosy or with sleeves, not so dressy I couldn't wear it in the day but will also go with black opaques and glittery boots for an evening out.
Anyone seen anything? Not found anything that quite hits the mark. I'm struggling to know how to dress with glitter boots, I think everything else will have to be very simple and fuss free. Hence the simple lbd.

MrsOverTheRoad Sun 08-Oct-17 09:35:56

What size and shape are you OP?

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 09:58:36

A line skirts suit best. Prefer something with a bit of shape at the waist and would quite like longer sleeves.
There's lots of quite tunic shaped things but I am thinking a line skirt and sleeves. Probably a heavier fabric. Budget being the usual high street shops new look Dorothy perkins etc. Even looked in supermarkets and can't quite find anything. I like the cord dungaree dresses but not sure how you could dress them up for a relaxed night out.

cardoon Sun 08-Oct-17 10:30:33

Esprit have some lovely ones

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 11:02:45

I quite like the first link there cardoon.

MrsOverTheRoad Sun 08-Oct-17 11:09:11


MrsOverTheRoad Sun 08-Oct-17 11:10:08

Or this?

Samsbakery Sun 08-Oct-17 11:29:55

This gap dress is great, I wear it for work but would look good dressed up for a night out also?

Ohyesiam Sun 08-Oct-17 11:30:39

Can we see a picture of the boots?

Pinkvici22 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:31:38

Sorry to hijack OP...Sam what are Gap sizes like? I'm 10 bottom, 12 top, curvy!

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 13:29:27

Mrs, your second one is nearer the mark. Sold out in my size though!

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 13:31:14

The gap one is a lovely shape bug how heavy is the Jersey? It looks like it'll stick to all the wrong buts but I do like it. Again how is sizing?

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 13:35:31

I can't seem to find a link but looking up rod barmy blanche glitter shows images.

Samsbakery Sun 08-Oct-17 13:42:29

I think I'd go for the 10 pink, I'm a 10/12 and got the 12 which fits but think a 10 would have been a better fit

Samsbakery Sun 08-Oct-17 14:50:19

As it's actually quite stretchy material I was meant to add .

Pinkvici22 Sun 08-Oct-17 16:33:41

I think I'd probably need a medium? But they're sold out sad

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 21:40:31

I realise now I am looking for my ultimate lbd. And I can't find it.
Must be nipped in at waist, a line skirt, and sleeves. Surely it's not too tall an order? Almost a sixties shift kind of thing. Why can't I find anything?

AuntieStella Sun 08-Oct-17 21:43:35

Do you like any of these?

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Oct-17 22:20:14

Very nice but not quite what I am after. They are perhaps a little more formal than I was thinking of.

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