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Hair how to?

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youvegottobekidding Sat 07-Oct-17 17:39:41

DD (nearly 13) has long, thick, one length hair which is naturally straight, but not as straight as you can get with straighteners, iuswim. Anyway, she's only just starting to experiment with different styles & today asked me to wave her hair using straighteners! Well I have it a go but it was a tough job! She has so much hair & it's down her back! I did the best I could & it looked ok but I reckon I could've done better with a different tool but with what?! She said a curling tong but I was thinking of a wand? Or was it my technique? I basically just did it the way I do mine & that was wrap the hair around the straightener as I went down her hair.

Would it be easier to manage her hair if she's had some longer layers put through. I think this is what she's looking for. she's also asking for help to do messy buns & top knots - which I thought would be easy, but like I say, she has a lot of thick hair & I struggle to get it in a pony tail at the best of times!

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