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Lip stains

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DollyPartonsBeard Sat 07-Oct-17 10:28:56

Lip stain doesn't seem to be a thing any more in these times of indelible lip paint, sadly.

I used to have a couple of Urban Decay ones (one in the alarmingly named shade of 'Gash' IIRC!) and more recently the original Revlon balm stain (although not the new ones which are more lipsticky)

My lips are naturally deathly pale and I like a stain to give them a more healthy colour without the grease and obviousness of lipstick- I do like 'proper' lippy for when I'm done up, just not every day. I've tried the Avon felt-pen style, and Benetint but wasn't keen on the feel (Avon) or colours/ longevity (Benetint)

Do any of you have any tips or recommendations? Ideally I'd like something that doesn't need tipping up every hour, like sheer gloss or coloured balms do, that imparts a healthy hue to the lips without drying them out. Or am I asking for the moon on a stick? Happy to pay a bit more for the right thing as I've wasted so much on ones that rubbed off or faded unevenly or were weird colours on my strange grayish pink lips. MTIA

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