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Beauty Product Scam

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lindaf100 Fri 06-Oct-17 12:20:04


I'm wondering if any of you mums out there have been as daft as me. I was waiting for someone to collect me from home last year when I began idly messing around on my iPad.

Came across a site asking for my opinion on something and filled in my details (name/address etc) because it said I would be sent FREE anti ageing cream as a thank you. What I didn't see because the print was so tiny was that I was signing for them to send me aa cream on a regular basis at cost of £139 per month. I have so far received 1 product and when I found they were charging my MandS card for several hundred £££s I asked MandS to investigate as charge was coming from America. I emailed and told them not to send me anything else. Now I'm being chased for £360 by a collections agency. Told CA this week will not be paying, have received nothing other than 'FREE' gift and will see them in Court.

The product is anti ageing cream supposed to be 'FREE'. Anyone else been caught out this way?

neveradullmoment99 Fri 06-Oct-17 12:25:13

Bloody hell shock No. Although i was scammed with my mobile with small print and was being charged for them sending me messages!!! No idea what had happened. Managed to cancel as they were charging me loads.Sad thing is i was on a contract and didnt notice the amount of money coming out of my account until one day i checked my bill. Its so easy to be scammed.
How did they manage to get your card details?

PinkBlossomTree Fri 06-Oct-17 12:31:27

Yes I did the same with slimming Chinese green tea years ago.

Signed up to what I thought was a free trial but signed upto 1/2 boxes per month at £90 a month.

It was a company from America and I ended up going to the bank and canceling my card as they couldn't stop the payments.

Never heard anything since.

I know loads of my friends also got caught out with the acki berry pills scam too.

Bombardier25966 Fri 06-Oct-17 12:52:59

Hundreds of people have been scammed, they see the word free and think they must order. Have you thought about what you might be putting on your face? You can bet these products have not been tested to EU standards.

Ensure your bank has cancelled any continuous payment authority or the scammers could take money again.

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