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Hair dye help!

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youvegottobekidding Fri 06-Oct-17 11:02:31

I use Schwarzkopf Poly Colour Tint in Natural Brown to colour my roots, it's a permanent colour. I usually apply it to the regrowth area & leave it on for 20 mins or so then apply the rest of the mix (my hair is quite thick & shoulder length so I usually need 2 bottles) and apply to the rest of my hair, massage it all over & leave for about 10 minutes. I then rinse out & condition. I absolutely love the colour & shine it leaves my hair in. The colour is a lovely neutral, natural looking brown.

However. it seems to wash out within a couple of weeks. I use a colour friendly shampoo & conditioner & probably wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I try to leave it at least 4 weeks before having to colour my hair again! I don't really want to be applying a permanent colourant every 4 weeks!

Now I have tried other dyes, but here's the thing, while I don't have any greys, my roots are very stubborn (my natural colour is like an auburn colour) I've tried nice & easy, L'Oréal, Schwarzkopf colour mask, olia, none of them actually cover my roots! Only the poly colour tint covers my roots! If I could find a semi-permanent that would cover my roots I'd gladly use it!

No doubt a hairdressers would probably be able to do it but I can't afford salon prices.

I suppose I could use the poly tint just on my root area & get a semi for my lengths - but what brand & shade would give me a neutral brown? But then again, if the poly colour tint is washing out/fading after a couple of weeks, is it indeed a permanent colour or semi? It says permanent on the box but it's cheap at £2!

LiDLrichardsPistachioSack Fri 06-Oct-17 11:05:20

Leave it on longer!

youvegottobekidding Fri 06-Oct-17 18:18:14

As simple as that?! Thanks, I'll give that a go next time, how long are we talking about though? 40 mins roots, 15/20 mins lengths?

LiDLrichardsPistachioSack Fri 06-Oct-17 19:43:21

That sounds about right. Hair with more red pigment tends to be quite resistant. Might just need a wee bit more time.

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