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I have officially failed at Style....

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Gingernaut Thu 05-Oct-17 14:17:32

I bought a zip up fleece housecoat from M&S.

It's dowdy, frumpy and grey. It's not silver coloured as M&S claim.

I could cheerfully live in this for the rest of winter.....hmm

I rhink I've just disqualified myself from recommending anything to anyone regarding style or fashion. sad

blibblibs Thu 05-Oct-17 14:19:37

I bought one of these last year from matalan. The best thing I've ever bought. My DSis was not so impressed when I got her one for Xmas!

TrinityBelle Thu 05-Oct-17 14:20:48

Well I'll happily sit on the frump bench with you. That looks bloody lovely. So snuggly and soft. I'd team it with my long fluffy socks.

My husband is regularly appalled at my choice of nightwear but that would tip him over the edge.

I'm getting one.

User5trillion Thu 05-Oct-17 14:22:57

Dear god, thats foul, but does look super warm and cosy. I own a lidl tracksuit that I wear for warmth, that is truly a hideous creation as well.

zippyswife Thu 05-Oct-17 15:02:43

It’s gross. But I bet it gets more wear than any other item in your wardrobe! I have one similar and and I barely take it off to leave the house.

sinceyouask Thu 05-Oct-17 15:03:28

Is it proper long? Because if it is I might have to get one.

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Thu 05-Oct-17 15:06:03

Blimey grin. I do love a bit of M&S frumpery myself but that is something else!

JaneJeffer Thu 05-Oct-17 15:11:29

Are you channeling Hayley Cropper?

Timefortea99 Thu 05-Oct-17 15:14:48

I work at home a lot....feel a purchase coming on

Chestervase1 Thu 05-Oct-17 15:17:40

I yearn for one. I had a YSL one years ago that was a towelling kaftan that went over your head. Loved it

Jiggler Thu 05-Oct-17 15:25:51

Last winter I was determined to save money on my energy bills by wearing as many warm clothes as possible in the flat. I wore two pairs of tracksuits bottoms, fleecy slipper type things, fleecy hoodie. I was cruising around the flat looking like a flammable michelin lady. So cosy though. I was barely fit for my eyes only though, never mind anyone else!

Cocolepew Thu 05-Oct-17 15:35:29

Ohh Ive been after a zip up dressing gown for ages

neveradullmoment99 Thu 05-Oct-17 15:39:14

Never would i wear that.

ZaraW Thu 05-Oct-17 16:17:05

I might consider it when I'm 80, sorry it's awful.

Gingernaut Thu 05-Oct-17 16:18:44

Ladies. I salute my fellow frumpers. grin

CathyMedici Thu 05-Oct-17 16:26:56

If Kate Moss wore it, they'd all want one 😊

Tugtupite Thu 05-Oct-17 16:27:39

Do I spy faux quilting there too?

Cakescakescakes Thu 05-Oct-17 16:29:37

I have something similar in grey leopard print. It is amazing. I'm totally in love with it for winter nights on the sofa or early mornings our chilly kitchen.

Nettletheelf Thu 05-Oct-17 16:30:15

Burn it! (Wearing an oxygen mask because of the fleece fumes). There must be better ways to keep warm????

Vintagebeads Thu 05-Oct-17 16:31:57

My favorite S&B post to date grin

Squashit Thu 05-Oct-17 16:41:42

I might be ill or something but that looks comfy .

Sometimes the things we think of a man-repellers only serve to stir the feckers.

I would watch yourself in that one because sparks could fly and not of the bri nylon nature either. That zip front....

Disclaimer- I might just have known a few more unusual men 😁

MargoLovebutter Thu 05-Oct-17 16:47:12

Will you spend the winter giving your family electric shocks? I bought a fleece dressing gown & the DC won't come anywhere near me in it as I generate so much static in it. I even frighten myself when I touch anything metal!

Firefries Thu 05-Oct-17 16:50:49

Do you wear it out the house? It looks lovely and comfy but Im not sure I could wear it out and about.

Gingernaut Thu 05-Oct-17 17:03:16

@Tugtupite, yes indeedy. A quilt pattern has been shorn (?) into the 'fabric'. grin

SchadenfreudePersonified Thu 05-Oct-17 17:08:50

I want one!

I'm not into seducing my DH these days (several decades of matrimony have dampened my ardour somewhat) and I now prefer nightwear that is vaguely repellent. This will serve me well, and keep me warm . . . grin

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