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Bodes code pls?

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northerngoldilocks Thu 05-Oct-17 13:41:56

Anyone got one pls as am at work and don't have my catalogue to hand ?

northerngoldilocks Thu 05-Oct-17 13:42:34

Boden (bloody autocorrect)

polyhymnia Thu 05-Oct-17 14:34:15

Go to Money on MN, then promotions/ vouchers and you'll find a 20% one there.

northerngoldilocks Thu 05-Oct-17 14:54:49


PollyPerky Thu 05-Oct-17 16:14:48

Go to the Money and Promotion codes section of Mumsnet! There is one there for 20%.

PollyPerky Thu 05-Oct-17 16:15:02

sorry- x posted.

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