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Has anyone has Olaplex done?

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ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets Thu 05-Oct-17 10:20:10

My hair is awful since having DS 5 months ago.

It’s falling out at an awful rate. We’ve had to buy a plunger to unblock the shower and when I wash my hair I have to remove loads of hair from my body and hands sad

You can see loads of my scalp.

Has anyone had the Olaplex treatment done? It looks quite pricey on Amazon but I’m willing to give it a go if it works.

Or anything else people can recommend.

HaHaHmm Thu 05-Oct-17 10:26:32

Olaplex will condition the hair that you have but it won’t stop it falling out.

Best to see your GP and get your iron levels and thyroid checked - excessive postpartum hair loss can indicate a problem which can be treated.

Roomba Thu 05-Oct-17 10:34:27

I second this. At the same point after having DS2, I was losing so much hair my scalp shined through and I had actual, proper receded hairline temples where no hair was left at all at the sides sad

I was very anaemic and very very low on Vit D and B12. All sorted now, hair back to normal, phew!

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets Thu 05-Oct-17 10:41:11

Thank you!

Good to know it can be reversed.

I’ll make an appointment, but does seem a bit vain.

So glad I posted before I bought the stuff.

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