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Ideas for the oil slick on my face?

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BinkyandBunty Thu 05-Oct-17 09:33:33

I have a skincare regime that I'm pretty happy with, it's leaving my middle aged, olive, combination skin soft and bright.

Without trying to bore you with too much detail, the basics are: double cleanse, glycolic toner, SPF moisturiser and for my 'active' nighttime ingredients I alternate between vit C and retinol. Mostly it's stuff from Mario Badescu or The Ordinary.

The one problem it's not helping with though, is oil production around the sides of my nose. I have large visible pores, wake up to an oil slick every morning and have to blot frequently throughout the day.

So I'm looking for a skincare or makeup product that will help. Something to add to what I already use each morning, or maybe a different primer or setting powder that really works? The skin on my nose is a little sensitive and prone to redness, so it can't be too harsh.

Any ideas, please?

BumWad Thu 05-Oct-17 09:37:32

Your routine sounds great

I have started using Paula’s Choice BHA 2% my skin is starting to look good! BHAs (Salicylic acid) get into your pores more than Glycolic acid.

Can I ask what Retinol and vitamin c you are using? Do you use one per night or one in the am and one pm? I’ve started using a vitamin c booster at night and within my routine want to add Retinol but not sure which one to arey with.

BinkyandBunty Thu 05-Oct-17 12:05:43

Thanks Bumwad. I'm using The Ordinary's products for vit c/retinol, on alternating nights under a moisturiser or rosehip oil.

Maybe BHA is worth a shot for my nose. Does it sting, or dry out skin?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 05-Oct-17 13:24:32

Is your night cream too heavy?

Cakescakescakes Thu 05-Oct-17 13:39:58

I have to use an oil free cream at night or I have mega oil slick all the next day. I'm having best luck with Clinique Moisture Surge at the minute. Very balancing although a bit silicony in texture. Definitely helping with the shine though!

Shop Thu 05-Oct-17 16:22:15

What products are you double Cleansing with?

BinkyandBunty Thu 05-Oct-17 22:14:26

I double cleanse with coconut oil followed by a very light rosehip gel cleanser (I'm overseas and it's a local brand).

The night cream doesn't make much difference. Sometimes I use a rich one (Mario Badescu seaweed), sometimes a light gel (Laneige water sleeping mask), sometimes a couple of drops of rosehip oil, avoiding the T zone.

The oil slick's still there in the morning, regardless!

BinkyandBunty Thu 05-Oct-17 22:16:13

I should add, the Laneige mask is very similar to Clinique Moisture Surge.

ProperLavs Thu 05-Oct-17 22:20:15

I would stop with the coconut oil personally , it can clog pores and cause problems. Try a mixture of castor and another oil . I would never double cleanse with oil both times either.

BinkyandBunty Fri 06-Oct-17 06:05:10

Thanks all, you've given me a few good ideas for tweaking my products as things need replacing. The coconut oil's almost finished so I can start there.

Ktown Fri 06-Oct-17 06:40:20

I'd stop oil cleansing and use some zero zinc spray for the day.
A mattifying primer will also help. I use a Clinique one.
A salicyclic toner will keep pores clear too,

Arealhumanbeing Fri 06-Oct-17 10:15:53

I would ditch the coconut oil now. You would be better off hot cloth cleansing with a cream cleanser.

Ironically enough, facial treatment oil can help to regulate oil production. I can’t recommend a particular brand but a quick google should help.

Second the Paula’s choice stuff. I’ve been using it on alternate nights and already see a big difference.

misscph1973 Fri 06-Oct-17 10:22:18

Although I love coconut oil, it's not good for my skin either, it seems to dry it out! I had to look up double cleansing ;) Now I know what it is, I would suggest that you switch to the oil cleansing method. And give your creams etc a break. My spotty, oily but flaky skin turned normal when I switched to the oil cleansing method. There was some purging, and I stopped and started twice. But been doing it for about 5 years now - I am never putting any product on my face again ;)

VickieCherry Fri 06-Oct-17 10:28:02

I have a very oily nose/open pores and they've been vastly improved by using rosehip oil instead of a moisturiser at night. I also use oil for cleaning - currently the Simple one, with the flannel, then mild acid toner.

I would also highly recommend this powder from Nars - you only need a tiny bit and it lasts very well:

KatharinaRosalie Fri 06-Oct-17 10:33:28

Dr Hauschka has a special oil for oily skin, it works beautifully.

Gah81 Fri 06-Oct-17 11:24:02

I rate Becca's mattifying primer. An excellent replacement for the much-loved No.7 Beautifully Matte primer (still cannot believe they discontinued that and brought out some awful slick stuff instead, just like everyone else in the market... sad

freshlemons Fri 06-Oct-17 11:28:08

If you sort that all out but want a great coverage for the day, I totally recommend this M&S DDP powder foundation
I have the same problems as you and this is the only thing I have EVER found to reduce my pores, give me coverage without looking chalky or heavy and keeps the oil at bay! I promise its not heavy and mask like, especially if applied with a brush.

Arealhumanbeing Fri 06-Oct-17 11:48:07

I totally forgot about oil cleansing. Agree with above posters. Shu Uemura do a fantastic cleansing oil.

Also can vouch for the Dr Haushka day oil.

ProperLavs Fri 06-Oct-17 14:22:06

Skin can produce too much oil when it is too dry ironically. I haven't moisturised with creams for years now, only oils.

BinkyandBunty Tue 10-Oct-17 01:27:33

Argh I missed a new bunch of very helpful replies! Thanks so much.

My plan of attack is;
1. replace coconut oil with another cleanser
2. switch from AHA to BHA toner
3. look for a mattifying primer.

Oswin Tue 10-Oct-17 01:32:40

My nose and forehead are so oily it's horrible, I've been using L'Oréal infallible matte primer and foundation and it's amazing. Its the only foundation that stays, I'm normally so oily it won't stay on for an hour but it lasts all day now.

theancientmarinader Tue 10-Oct-17 01:35:51

I use Rocky Mountain Soap Co oil cleanser, toner and day cream. It is the only thing I have ever found that controls my oil. I need to moisturise around my mouth at night (you don't actually need moisturizer after the oil cleanse and tone) as it so effective, and otherwise I get dry skin. But I find it easier to deal with the dry skin that to control oil. grin

BagelGoesWalking Tue 10-Oct-17 01:56:23

TO’s Azelaic Acid definitely helps reduce oiliness. My DD17 has been using it and her forehead, in particular, is much less oily than before.

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